How to make warm-up before run"

How to make warm-up before run"

One of the most available and useful sports is run. However, it is insufficiently simple to go outside and run — important to execute warm-up. In our article we will tell about its need and we will give an example of several simple exercises which will improve your health and will increase efficiency from occupations run.

Advantage and need of warm-up before run

It is quite often possible to see a picture: the person came to the park, on stadium or in gym and at once was engaged in run. Unfortunately, a huge mistake of such "athletes" is not carrying out warm-up.

We recommend to esteem how it is correct to run on the street in the winter and also in what it is the best of all to run in the winter.

Thanks to a simple set of exercises before a running, temperature of muscles, ligaments, fabrics increases, they become flexible that promotes prevention of various injuries.

Also the extension is very important — exactly thanks to it blood strongly arrives to muscle tissue and enriches it with nutrients and oxygen. It leads to expansion of power stocks of an organism and over time it can maintain more and more long physical activities.

Video: warm-up before run If you — the supporter of morning jog, then an extension without fail has to precede run as the body did not cheer up after a dream yet.

Important! You watch pulse rate — it has to increase gradually. You should not choose trainings at once on the speed as it can have an adverse effect on work of heart, especially, if you have no preparation.

Thanks to warm-up:

  • there is a psychological spirit of a body for physical activity;
  • there is an installation of necessary correct breath for run;
  • the body gives in to management better that allows to control it and reduces risks of falling;
  • there is a preparation of heart and vessels for loading that reduces the probability of developing of a heart attack or stroke;
  • there is increased load on an organism that promotes decrease in a stress for nervous system;
  • there is a substance exchange acceleration that promotes effective burning of extra kilos;
  • significantly the probability of sprain or injuries decreases;
  • the training becomes 10% more effective.

Warm-up duration

To athletes who train intensively and daily for warm-up there will be enough 5-10 minutes. And here if you practice jogging or are engaged in it for weight loss, it is necessary to spend for warm-up of 15-20 minutes.

It will be useful for you to learn about features of run on long and short distances and also about advantage of shuttle run and jogging.

Video: the review of exercises before run During this time pulse will get optimum indicators for a cardiovascular system that will allow to move without complications to the following level of intensity of a training.

It should be noted that with increase in the planned time of run also duration of warm-up has to increase.

Exercises for warm-up of legs

Special attention before jog should be paid to warm-up of legs as they undertake the main loading. Exercises promote warming up of joints, improve their elasticity.

  1. Exercise on stretching of a front part of a hip. It is necessary to bend one leg in a knee joint and to press it a hand to a buttock, having recorded situation. At this moment you have to pochuvstovat as the chetyrekhglavy muscle of a hip stretches. We change a leg and we do 2-4 approaches for 10 seconds.
  2. Exercise on stretching of gastrocnemius muscles. Get up directly, bring one leg back, lean on a leg which costs ahead. Carry out squats on a supporting leg. At this moment the gastrocnemius muscle will stretch. At the correct exercise there has to be a feeling of an easy tension without pain. It is necessary to make 2-4 approaches for 10 seconds.
  3. It is necessary to bend the case and to reach for socks. At this moment a back part of a hip and gastrocnemius muscles stretches. To carry out on 2-4 approaches for 10 seconds.
  4. It is necessary to place widely legs, to put hands on hips in an emphasis. In different directions it is necessary to make attacks, at the same time it is worth leaning on a supporting leg — muscles another will stretch at this time. To repeat 2-4 approaches for 10 seconds.

Exercises for warm-up of a body

This set of exercises is necessary for a warming up of all groups of muscles. To increase efficiency from exercises, it is worth carrying out them in a certain sequence.

Whether you know? Even at the slowest rate of run, it is possible to burn 10 calories a minute. Thus, in 23 minutes it is possible "to burn" calories of a half of a tile of dark chocolate.

  • Exercise on razminany necks. Consists in performance of inclinations by the head in different directions. Movements have to be smooth. It is not recommended to rotate the head as it can lead to a trauma. To repeat 16 times.
  • Exercise on a razminaniye of muscles of hands. Consists in rotation of brushes in different directions, rotation in elbow joints and shoulders is carried out then. To repeat each type of rotations 10 times.
  • Twisting. Place legs, but it is not too wide, place hands ahead of yourself together. We twist the case serially in different directions, at the same time it is necessary to strain press muscles. To repeat 10 times.
  • Rotation of legs. It is smoothly necessary to rotate legs diversely. Exercise will help to develop shins, hips, a basin and feet. 2-3 times for 10 seconds repeat.

The physical activity of the person is very important function of an organism. Main types of physical activity is: swimming, the Scandinavian walking with sticks, a kallanetika, crossfit, dances (a zumba, "Mandala", kontemporari-dens), various directions of yoga, stretching, run on short or long distances.

Extension after run

It is important to carry out a simple set of exercises not only before implementation of a running, but also on its termination. The extension after run is necessary for removal surplus of lactic acid from muscles.

Also exercises will help muscles to relax and be restored, and already after a while you will feel, what you became much more flexible.

Important! It is necessary to stop during run gradually, slowly reducing speed. The sharp stop will strengthen load of heart and will be much more difficult to be restored.

We bring to your attention some of simple, but very effective exercises on an extension.

  1. We stretch popliteal sinews. It is necessary to lay down on a back and to raise direct legs up at an angle 90 °. At the same time hips and a waist should be pressed to a floor. The right knee is bent and attracted to a breast, and the left leg has to be a straight line. Straighten the right knee a little and densely undertake a shin. After that it is worth pulling slightly a leg to itself, but not to tear off a hip from a floor. In such situation it is worth being recorded for 30 seconds then to repeat exercise on other leg.
  2. Exercise on stretching of calves. It is necessary to rise facing a wall. Then it is worth extending hands before itself forward and to rest palms against a wall, at the same time it is necessary to bend elbows a little. You watch that feet did not come off a floor. Then it is necessary to take a step back (or to proskolzit) the left leg, at the same time straightening the left leg and two hands. The more the leg will be taken away back, the gastrocnemius muscles will stretch better. Be recorded in such situation for 30 seconds.
  3. Exercise on stretching of a front surface of a hip. Thanks to quadriceps there is a reduction of muscles of a back surface of a hip, and they become stronger. Strong and flexible quadriceps allow us to raise highly knees during the running. For performance of exercise it is necessary to rise directly, to lean hands against a back of a chair or a wall. Legs place at shoulder length. The left leg is bent in a knee, it needs to be delayed back and to take for foot by means of the left hand. It is important that quadriceps were located at one level. Observe deep breath and be recorded in such situation for 30 seconds. Replace a leg.
  4. Exercise on stretching of a side surface of a hip. It is necessary to rise the left side of a trunk to a wall, the right hand to lean against a wall. The left leg it is necessary to arrange crosswise behind right, to put the left hand on a hip, to relax shoulders. Carrying out deep breath, it is necessary to bend the right hand and to deviate to a wall, at the same time foot of that leg which is closer to a wall has to stand on a floor densely. In such situation it is worth being recorded for 30 seconds and then to replace legs.

Video: an extension after run

Warm-up after run of the house

Warm-up after run in the park

Whether you know? According to sports statistics, the weaker sex does athletics more actively: among all runners about 56% make women.

Run — a great way not only to strengthen health, but also to make toilet. However it is very important to carry out correctly exercises and not to ignore an extension after the end of a training. Remember that the maximum results can achieve only at the correct approach to run.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team