How to master skating stride

How to master skating stride

The dream of many beginning skiers is to ride "fir-tree", that is skating stride. It is rather simple to solve this problem if to study the technique in practice and to train as often as possible.

It is required to you

  • Skis, sticks.


1. Pick up skis and sticks for skating stride. Skis shouldn't be too long. It is worth choosing them as follows: extend the hand up, straighten the palm and put one of skis nearby. It has to be not higher than the middle of the palm. In general, the longer than the ski, the skating stride will be more difficult to master on them. Sticks shouldn't be higher than the level of the chin.

2. Come to the ski course. Choose such area which isn't strongly brought by snow. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to you to go "fir-tree". Receive the correct position of the body for skating stride. Bend a few back and legs in the ankle. Make a start both sticks and you will overcome several meters, without doing foot movements.

3. Transfer body weight to the left side, having made a start the left stick and having taken the left leg a little aside. During this movement put the right leg to the left boot and take away it to the right, having made already the push the right stick. Overcome several hundreds of meters, alternately rearranging legs, and making a start sticks in the step.

4. Remember that it isn't necessary to throw out too far sticks forward. It can not only reduce speed, but also cause falling. On descents try to make a start and incline stronger the case forward.

5. Practice to skating stride on skis as often as possible. Forget for a while about classical style. You can use it only when rolling from descent. Try to overcome as much as possible mountains and plains in the ridge way. Then you not only will master this style, but also will develop endurance and physical force. All this to you will allow to overcome the ski course in the future quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team