How to master technology of push-up on fists

How to master technology of push-up on fists

Push-ups on fists, contrary to opinion of individuals, are exclusively useful to formation of the correct position of the fist, to strengthening of muscles of forearms and sinews of the brush and also to increase in rigidity of the shock surface of pyastny bones. Push-ups on fists are very popular among adherents of various martial arts.


1. Classical push-ups on fists from the firm floor will be so unusual and painful for beginners that they will hardly be able to be wrung out at least once. In this case development of push-ups should be begun not with the firm floor, and with the carpet, the folded towel or with the gym mat. Or to begin to be wrung out from the wall, gradually increasing the distance between the trunk and the basic surface.

2. There are two main types of push-ups on fists: with the support on phalanxes of the index and long finger and with the support on phalanxes of the long, ring finger and the little finger. Representatives of various single combats not unreasonably consider that the first option gives the greatest effect: stones of the first two fingers anatomic stronger and at kick about the firm subject have the smallest risk of traumatizing.

3. Many schools and sections of martial arts of beginners force to be wrung out on fists from the firm floor because of lack of gym mats or other soft coverings at once. However at the beginning allow to be wrung out with the support knees on the floor. It is noticed that at the same time pyastny bones to 5-7 training become stronger, and sensations of pain completely disappear.

4. Quicker to accustom the fists to the support on the firm surface, it is possible to hold in addition the provision of the lying support with the support on fists. However strengthening of fists – business not of one day and excessive fanaticism can lead to different injuries.

5. During performance of push-ups the shoulders, the back, the basin and legs have to be in one plane. During lowering of the trunk it is necessary to take the breath, during lifting – the exhalation. In the top point of push-ups of the hand have to become straight completely. In the lower point the breast has to fall as low as possible, but concern it the surface of the floor not obligatory.

6. Unlike push-ups with the support on the palm, at push-up on fists body height over the level of the floor is higher. Range of movements and load of pectoral muscles is more. Therefore the extreme number of push-ups on fists at all is a little smaller, than the record in usual push-ups.

7. Depending on position of fists it is possible to change load of various groups of muscles. If to put fists across the body at the level of the breast, load of pectoral muscles will increase. If to put fists along the body is closer to the basin, load of tricepses and the broadest muscles of the back will amplify.

8. The training in push-up on fists leads to the fact that stones of the index and long finger increase a little. On this sign it is possible to guess the trained karateka. For the same reason aren't recommended to girls and women of push-up on fists – hands lose the womanly fragility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team