How to measure muscles

How to measure muscles

In the works of art which reached us since antique times, the athletic figure was the imitation symbol, and many sculptors tried to recreate ideally put body. But the beautiful figure is not only big muscles, and, first of all, the ratio between them. How to measure the muscles and to understand whether you are similar to Apollo?


1. Regularly you carry out measurements of your muscles for the purpose of control over growth of muscle bulk and elimination of inharmonious development in the physical build. Take flexible centimeter (at its absence it is possible to use the usual thread, and then to measure it to take readings) and measure the volume of your thorax slightly above nipples (hands are freely lowered down). Receive this number for 100%. For ideal proportions your waist has to be 75% of the thorax, the intense biceps – 37%, the neck – 38%, hips – 60%, shins – 40%, forearms – 30%.

2. Measure the biceps in the thickest place provided that the hand is completely bent and strained. As alternative option, you can measure the biceps in the middle when the hand is weakened and freely lowered down. Measuring the neck, you hold the head directly. You take measurements on the average cross circle of the neck. Measure the shin in the thickest part of the gastrocnemius muscle. It is correct to measure the hip under buttock muscles. The waist is measured in the bottleneck through the direct muscle of the stomach (as option, it is possible to measure at the level of the navel not to get confused), and the forearm in its widest part.

3. Measure "cold" muscles, i.e. before the training. After the training of the muscle increase in volume due to blood inflow, and you won't be able to check their original sizes. You make measurements once in two months for control over growth or reduction of muscles. Create the diary and you bring in it results of measurements.

4. If you need exact measurement of your muscles, then it is better to express it not in centimeters, and in kilograms. There is the special procedure – the bioimpedance analysis of structure of the body - by which you will be able to determine the mass of your muscles with the fine precision. In addition you learn the fat mass and lean mass of your body, i.e. mass of the skeleton, internal muscles and bodies. Doing the bioimpedance analysis of times in several months, you with an accuracy of gram will monitor change of your muscles.

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