How to measure the ideal weight

How to measure the ideal weight

Ideal weight, as well as ideal figure, very indistinct and subjective concept: someone likes thin women, someone considers that shapes have to be curvy. But there are certain indicators of norm of weight for each person which are calculated depending on growth, age and other parameters. Such norm shows whether the person has the obesity or the lack of weight, and varies within several kilograms therefore the exact figure of ideal weight doesn't exist – each woman finds the ideal indicator for herself, being guided also by appearance and health.


1. There are several formulas of calculation of norms of weight for people. One of the simplest and widespread – Broca's formula. To calculate the standard, measure the growth in centimeters. If growth is lower than 165 centimeters, then it it it is necessary to take away 100. If from 165 to 175, then take away 105, and people with growth higher than 175 centimeters take away 110. Thus, the approximate normal weight of the woman with growth of 170 centimeters will be 65 kilograms. But at modern concepts about beauty it is impossible to call this weight ideal – for calculation of ideal body weight from this indicator take away ten percent, that is, in this case the figure in 58.5 turns out.

2. Other option to measure the ideal weight – on the formula of body mass index. Body mass index or BMI were removed by the Belgian sociologist Adolphe Quetelet in 1869. This index is equal to body weight in kilograms, divided into growth in meters in the square. Thus, for the woman growth in 170 centimeters and BMI weighing 60 kilograms makes 20 that enters the framework of the normal index (from 18.5 to 25). Indicators lower are considered as insufficiency of weight, above – say about excess amount of excess fat in the organism. At BMI from 30 at the person the first degree of obesity develops. On the Internet there are online calculators calculating BMI.

3. Apparently from various formulas, indicators of ideal weight are very not certain, they are used by doctors only for definition of dystrophy or obesity. Ideal weight is the relative concept not only because of subjective ideas of beauty, but also because of various features of the organism. Weight depends on age, health, physiology, the lifestyle of the person. So, the chubby young girl who isn't playing sports and leading the passive life can weigh the same as very slender sportswoman with small amount of fat in the organism – as fat weighs less, than muscles.

4. Consider the fact that weight changes within a day depending on the amount of water in the organism and also within the month depending on time of the menstrual cycle. Therefore it is desirable to estimate the figure not on weight, and on volumes and appearance, and to use formulas as the additional reference point. Remember that with age when maintaining the passive lifestyle the number of muscles in the organism decreases, and the amount of fat increases, at the same time the arrow of scales can show the same figure, but the mirror it is more difficult to deceive.

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