How to narrow the waist

How to narrow the waist

Setting as itself the purpose to lose weight, not all understand that different parts of the body will unevenly change the volumes. Depending on natural features, at someone the first results will affect reduction of the size of the stomach more, at others the effect can touch the breast more. If you pursue more specific goal, it is possible directionally to try to reach it - for example, it isn't simple to grow thin, but to try to narrow the waist.


1. Prepare for full-time and careful employment over the body. Accustom yourself to the thought of need to strictly observe the mode which you for yourself will choose. If for you performance of restrictions represents complexity, be trained on something that isn't such source of the stress. For example, within the week you learn to leave the house in strictly certain time. Train will to avoid failures during work on the waist.

2. Train cross muscles of the stomach: they allow to narrow the waist while the directed work with longitudinal leads to strengthening of the press, but at the same time increase this area. Choose one of the numerous courses existing today and be engaged 10-20 minutes a day. Try different combinations of exercises and choose for yourself optimum, experiment. Here only a few examples of possible complexes.

3. Reach horizontal position, extend and relax legs. Pay attention to the correct breath: it is extremely important in order that exercise was rather effective. Get hands for the head, and on the exhalation tear off the right shoulder from the floor. Be twisted in the direction of the right part of haunch bones, but not to the opposite hip as it becomes usually. Be late for 20 seconds and return to the home position. Repeat on the left side, and then make two more approaches.

4. Lay down on the back and raise the legs bent in knees up, extend hands up (they have to lie on the surface). Densely press the waist to the floor, and begin to straighten at the same time slowly the left leg towards the floor, at the same time describing the left hand the semicircle, directing it to the hip. Extremities have to touch the floor at the same time! Be late in the tense situation of 20 seconds, and then begin to perform exercise by the right hand and the leg, at the same time synchronously returning left in the home position.

5. Practise with the abuse-hupom – choose the hoop of weight, convenient for you, and you twist daily on several minutes. However pay attention that you shouldn't twist excessively massive hoops too long not to injure abdominal organs.

6. Don't forget about the help which the clothes can render you. Of course, to tighten the waist in the corset as it was done earlier, optional, but the dragging-away linen will help you to look more harmonious and tightened.

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