How to normalize the figure by means of rollers

How to normalize the figure by means of rollers

To the women dreaming to lose weight and at the same time to derive pleasure from process, it is recommended to pay the attention to roller skates. Driving on them is cardioloading which not only will help to revitalize all organism, but also to strengthen various muscles.


1. To normalize the figure by means of roller skates it is necessary to develop the correct program of trainings. The basic principle, as well as in any exercise stress – regularity. Experts advise "to roll" 5-6 hours a week. The optimal variant – daily trainings 45-60 minutes. It is possible to do also days off, but then time of one walk on rollers has to increase. By the way, in one hour of driving on roller skates at the minimum speed about 400 kilocalories are spent, and it is the quite good indicator.

2. That trainings on roller skates helped to make the figure beautiful, it is necessary to change the diet a little. The rigid diet isn't necessary, but here it is worth refusing sugar and sweets after all and it is better to reduce amount of the consumed carbohydrates. It is worth including proteins, vegetables and grain in the daily menu. After skating it isn't necessary to eat at least hour.

3. If the person decided to grow thin and "mould" the beautiful figure by means of roller skates, then you shouldn't save on purchase of equipment. The defense on knees, elbows and also we send, at least for beginners – obligatory attributes. Roller skates need to be bought by the size, they have to sit comfortably on the leg. Before acquisition it is recommended to stand a little in skates, and if it is possible, then and to sweep on shop. In branded outlets it isn't forbidden. If the purpose of purchase of roller skates – weight loss, then is better to choose model with the mark "fitness".

4. Still It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell the couple of words about such trifles about which many forget, and then complain that extra kilos can't throw off. So, on each roller walk it is necessary to take drink. It can be clear water or green tea. Such manipulations are necessary in order that on the way home there was no desire to drink harmful sparkling water or too sweet juice. Similar drinks will slow down weight loss process. If from the park or the place where skating takes place far to reach and in the way of people will want to eat, then and food for having a snack should be taken. It can be couple of wholegrain small loafs and the piece of cheese or boiled chicken breast.

5. That process of reduction of the figure went to norm slightly quicker, it is possible to put on roller walks special shorts or trousers for weight loss. They can be got in drugstore or in sports shop. Such trousers will help to warm problem zones, will bring surplus of liquid and slags out of the organism. Before buying similar products it is recommended to consult with the expert. The fact is that some gynecologic diseases and also problems with skin do use of such clothes for weight loss unacceptable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team