How to osvit yoga in house uslovyay

How to osvit yoga in house uslovyay

For many years of the yogi remains one of the most popular types of exercise stresses. It allows to calm mind and to improve the condition of the body. The yoga can practice without harm for itself at home if to follow several simple rules.

If you have no experience of occupations yoga, it is desirable to address nevertheless for a start to the good teacher or to find group occupations. You need at least one or two occupations to understand how it is correct to breathe, control the body in space, to keep balance and balance. In group the coach will watch that he will save you from the most rough and dangerous mistakes your movements. For couple of occupations you will be able to understand whether the yoga as the type of loading is interesting to you in general. After that it is possible to pass to house occupations.

If you have suitable mentality, such house concentrated occupations can be pleasant to you more, than exercises in group. In the absence of the opportunity to go to group, you can independently begin to practice yoga without preliminary group exercises. Anyway, consult the doctor before the occupations regarding contraindications. The good expert can prompt to you what specifically should be avoided exercises.

To practice house yoga, to you videocourses or books with the detailed description of all poses asanas will demand. Before beginning to be engaged, several times see video lessons or read books, be distracted by the description of exercises during their performance it can be unsafe.

Determine to yourself the place in the apartment for occupations by yoga, it can be small "patch" about two by two meters which quite will be enough for performance of asanas. It is desirable to practice yoga in front of the mirror in the beginning to control the postural pose in space, further it is better to refuse the mirror.

It is the best of all to practice yoga in some certain time. Regular trainings in the same hours will bring more benefit, than sporadic "attacks". Ideally it is worth being engaged since morning next the heart, anyway between meal and occupation there have to pass not less than two-three hours.

During practice listen to the body, don't try to carry out the difficult asanas demanding the serious extension at once. The flexibility and force come with trainings. It is considered that there are enough simplest asanas at their correct performance to reconstruct the body in three-four months.

Begin with the simplest programs (usually they are separately shown in video lessons or are in detail described in the book), complicate trainings when you feel need. The first trainings can take about twenty minutes, over time it is better to finish duration of occupations at least to the hour.

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