How to overcome feeling of hunger

How to overcome feeling of hunger

It is often very difficult not to give in to desire to eat something tasty, especially during the diet. But it is necessary to be able to distinguish feeling of the real and false hunger and also to know several rules which will help to reduce appetite and to overcome feeling of hunger.


1. To overcome feeling of hunger, it is better not to test it. For this purpose meals has to be at least five. Only of course, food shouldn't be high-calorie, and portions – big. Starving, you enhance the appetite.

2. Often for hunger you receive thirst. Try to drink the glass of mineral water or tea without sugar. If you actually wanted to drink, then the feeling of hunger will pass.

3. Before each meal drink the glass of water or juice (tomato, carrot, juice of the celery, other vegetable). It will a little reduce appetite, and you will eat less.

4. Use knowledge of psychology, deceive the organism. Impose food in small plates that it seemed filled. If the same quantity of food lies on the big plate, you will have the feeling that you ate a little. Also avoid ware of bright active colors – it can increase appetite. Psychologists claim that it is the best of all to choose for the loss of appetite plates of blue color.

5. When you need to lose weight, try not to eat the food cooked with the set of spices - they increase appetite. Also don't use a lot of salt.

6. Mothers for certain said to each of you in the childhood that it isn't necessary to hurry when you eat that needs to be chewed slowly. Mothers were right - at this way you gorge on smaller quantity of food.

7. Don't refuse the breakfast, especially classical – porridges. Cereals are digested long therefore you will feel full long time.

8. As having a snack try to use not chocolates and cookies, but fruit, vegetables and nutlets. Only you remember that apple on the contrary urges on appetite therefore it is better to eat the banana half, pear or orange. High-calorie nuts therefore you shouldn't be fond of them – eat several features.

9. The aromatherapy well helps to cope with the hunger attack. As soon as you feel strong desire to have a bite, just smell the bottle with oil of orange, the lemon or grapefruit. They are on sale in drugstores, and they can be carried with themselves.

10. Try not to wear very free clothes. In it will always seem to you that can be eaten still slightly. The fitting clothes will motivate you to refrain from overeating. If before going to bed you have the desire to have a bite, just drink the glass of tea with the milk drop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team