How to participate in the tournament

How to participate in the tournament

Modest people quite often remain observers though could participate in competitions. Such people stand on the roadside of life and wait when they are noticed and invited. Less talented, but more active rush by as participants of tournaments at this time. They also get prizes. That from among observers to pass into honourable ranks of participants, it is enough to show a little initiative.

1. Learn who is the organizer of the tournament. Some people learn about competitions from mass media when all participants were defined and to submit the application late. In such situation it is possible to become only the spectator and the fan. Learn about organizers of the competitions interesting you in advance. Don't hope that if you left them the coordinates, you will be invited. Probability is high that in turmoil of preparation will forget about you. You keep the period and information on organizers under control.

2. Study regulations of competitions. All public actions connected with definition of winners have written instructions or rules. Solid competitions always have regulations in which all rules are stated. It is possible to study it in advance to know requirements to participants and other nuances.

3. Submit the application for participation. Follow the terms and rules of submission of documents stated in regulations. Make sure thatMake sure that the contact information for communication with you is correct. Otherwise you don't receive the answer.

4. Make sure thatMake sure that you were included in number of candidates. Not everyone can be allowed to the tournament. The special commission can be engaged in selection of participants from among possible candidates. Learn from organizers whether really you are among such candidates. Annoying mistakes of the people working with documents can deprive of you the right of participation. You keep everything under control.

5. Specify results of consideration of your entry. Make it in case didn't receive the official answer. Perhaps, malfunctions by mail deprived of you the answer. Don't stand modestly aside, get more information. It is better to receive the answer ""no"", than to suffer in ignorance.

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