How to pass to the athlete other team

How to pass to the athlete other team

For transition of the athlete to other team it is the best of all to have own agent who will represent the interests of the player in different clubs. It is especially easy to carry out transition to the perspective and declared athletes.

Each player of team game has the personal contract with club which is formed on the basis of the existing legislation. Points governing the relations with team, including, the salary bonus, conditions of cancellation of the contract, transition to other clubs register in the contract.

If the player is of great value for club, then in the contract there can be point according to which it can be redeemed by other party at introduction of the certain sum. For example, Luís Suárez who after the FIFA World Cup in Brazil passed from Liverpool into Barcelona in the contract had the sum of compensation of 85 million euros. Such sum was paid by Catalan club that the forward could defend the next several years its colors.

Unfortunately, not all representatives of game sports have the opportunity to declare oneself so how Luís Suárez, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others. When there is a wish to replace team, it is necessary to interest host in the game. For this purpose it is necessary or to come to viewing, or to contact representatives of other team that those sent the employee on another game.

Moreover, for the competent transaction it is necessary to have the personal agent. Agents among football players where often players pass from one team into another are especially demanded. At the same time it is necessary to understand that the agent should pay for his activity. Quite often payment makes from 10% and above for the transaction. In this case money which is received by the player are counted. The agent can receive money as from club with which the contract, and from the player is signed. Everything makes a reservation individually. Most often the bonus should be paid to the player. Especially it concerns the young not untwisted football players, hockey players, basketball players and other.

Most often in teams take new players in off-season when players have a rest, and coaches are anxious with future structure. Many athletes come to such periods to agree about viewing. By the way, viewings are arranged already on early collecting when the foundation for functional and physical training is laid. The team with which the contract works practically never interferes with that the player tried the hand in other club. If it is about more prestigious league and the high sum of compensation for sale.

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