How to perform Kegel's exercises by means of electronic novelties

How to perform Kegel's exercises by means of electronic novelties

Kegel's exercises on strengthening of the pelvic bottom help to solve many women's issues. They prevent urine incontinence, improve the tone of muscles of the vagina, enhance sensitivity and help to avoid stagnation of blood. But to carry out trainings regularly for the modern woman can be difficultcan be difficult therefore unique gadgets which do process fascinating and productive were created.

Kegelya exercise machines

Today it is possible to buy Kegelya exercise machines in any sex shop and also in rare interiors of "iatrotechnics". They can be very simple or very difficult. The price depends on the design, material and features.

Vaginal balls are the simplest exercise machine. More often it is two spheres united by the crossing point which are located in the woman. Diameter and weight can vary, the heavier, the it is more difficult to carry out the necessary movements. For nonparous women it is necessary to choose options with a diameter no more than 2 see. 

Heavy spheres can be without laces. They weigh much more, but their size no more than 1.5 cm. It is possible to use one or several devices. Are suitable only for those who long practice occupation and are able to cope with all three groups of muscles of the vagina.

Exercise machines with weighting compounds. It is the thing from two parts — one is inserted into the body, another remains outside. Less convenient for application, but helps to regulate loading. Can look differently.

Modern Kegelya exercise machines

Today there were devices which make each training similar to the game. Their feature — the anatomic form and connection to the smartphone. The special application works as the individual coach: reminds of the beginning of the training, prompts that needs to be done and allows to track results.

Flamingo Magic Motion or Magic Kegel Master by means of vibration prompt when it is necessary to squeeze muscles and when to weaken. There are several modes of trainings: gradually tasks become complicated that the result was shown quicker. And it is still observed performance: in the form of the schedule it is possible to see performance frequency.

Modern vaginal balls can be applied not only to improvement of physical health, it can be used for excitement. They are able to vibrate with different intensity, causing pleasant emotions. It are suitable for masturbation or the prelude in couple. And still they can be carried even at work inside and to include at any time.

Toys for carrying do life brighter as management of them can be entrusted the partner. He can include and change intensity of influence at distance. And it is capable to diversify emotions, it is together more cheerful and more fascinating to make life.

How to choose the exercise machine for Kegel's exercises?

It is worth being defined at once — for what purpose it is necessary. If just for occupations, then balls it is enough, but if for the game, then it is worth stopping on modern gadgets.

It is very important to pay attention to material. It is the safest silicone models. It is worth avoiding what it is difficult to wash.

It isn't necessary to buy advanced option at once. It is better to pick up model with average weight to complicate movements gradually and not to suffer from muscular pain.

Use of exercises of Kegel will help to improve health and to enhance sensuality. Already thousands of women checked their action on themselves, and received excellent results. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team