How to pick up cardioexercises

How to pick up cardioexercises

Main objective of the cardiotraining – strengthening of the cardiovascular system. As a result of systematic performance of certain exercises the cardiac muscle becomes stronger. It allows heart to work in more economy mode. However the choice of any given cardioexercises depends on goals.


1. Cardioexercises, besides favorable impact on the cardiovascular system, well affect all organism in general, strengthening the bone and muscular device, normalizing activity of digestive and endocrine systems, reducing cholesterol content in blood, increasing immunity. Naturally, similar loadings demand the big metabolic cost. For this reason cardioexercises include in various complexes for weight loss.

2. Cardioexercises can be considered any movements which repeat cyclically. At this moment of the muscle receive necessary energy due to oxidation of fats and carbohydrates by means of oxygen. In fact, cardioexercises are simple aerobic movements, rowing, swimming, driving on skates and skis, driving the bicycle, run, vigorous walking, jumps through the jump rope.

3. Recently special exercise machines with cardioloading enjoy the increasing popularity. The exercise bike and the racetrack are among such sports equipment. All listed cardiovascular machines and exercises generally load the lower body. Therefore if the purpose of the training to tighten buttocks and to reduce hips in volume, it is necessary to choose these cardioexercises.

4. The rowing exercise machine perfectly will approach if as a result of the training it is necessary to involve in muscle work of hands and the shoulder girdle, prelum abdominale and the back. In addition, there are models of elliptic exercise machines with special handles which allow to carry out the movements reminding movements of the skier. In this case the huge number of muscles gets into gear that as a result leads to bigger burning of amount of energy.

5. What cardioexercises to choose for the training, depends only on individual preferences. There are general recommendations of experts. For example, if the excess weight of the person exceeds 20 kg, it is recommended to perform exercises on the exercise bike. In this case it is better to refuse use of the racetrack. It should be notedIt should be noted that exercise bikes are also horizontal. At the same time the general loading from occupation on this sports equipment isn't less at all.

6. The stepper perfectly will be suitable for girls who have problems with excess weight in the lower body. It forces to work big muscles of the hip where usually and excess fat deposits are concentrated. Kadiotrenirovka can be made independently and be only addition to habitual power occupation. For example, many athletes use the part of exercises as warm-up, for example jumps through the jump rope.

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