How to pick up operating weight

How to pick up operating weight

Beginners at the first trainings in the hall shouldn't be zealous and do many various exercises too. Far more important – to pick up optimum operating weight on the apparatus. It needs to be done only according to the special technique.

It is required to you

  • - gym;
  • - horizontal bench;
  • - jump rope;
  • - horizontal bar;
  • - signature stamp;
  • - pancakes;
  • - coach/assistant.


1. Do careful warm-up before the training. Twist exercise bike pedals within 10 minutes or jump with the jump rope. Then do chin-ups 10 times and as much execute repetitions in push-ups from the floor. Stretch carefully hands, legs and the back, having executed swings and bendings. It is necessary for the full warming up of muscles and also for prevention of severe injuries in operating time with the weight.

2. Start selection of operating weight. Choose one of exercises which you want to execute: press, squat, stanovy draft or another. Usually, begin to select weight in the bench press on the horizontal bench. Remember that the apparatus has to be according to your personal weight.

3. Establish several pancakes on the post. If you weigh, suppose, 70 kg, then collect the post in 30 kg and execute 6 repetitions. Have a rest within three minutes. Hang up still 2.5 kg from each party of the post and try to squeeze out this weight in 35 kg also six times. Again breathe and you walk round the hall about 4 minutes.

4. Add to the current weight 5 more kg and try to make the same 6 repetitions already from 40 kg. Let's assume that following this scheme, you reached the boundary of 45-50 kg. If you could squeeze out this weight on the post at least 5 times, then it also will be your operating weight. Begin to be engaged with this apparatus each training for several weeks. If you feel empowered, then can add 5 more kg.

5. Pass to other exercises. After you defined working cargo in the bench press, you shouldn't carry out it several times, trying to set the record. It will be fraught with injuries. Pick up for this technology operating weight and for stanovy draft, both for the squat, and for other general exercises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team