How to pick up sports food

How to pick up sports food

Did you decide to play sports and are going to buy sports food? The market is saturated by various medicines. It is important not to be mistaken in this variety and to get really quality product.

It is required to you

  • sports food, recommendations of the coach or sports nutritionist, means for acquisition of food


1. The choice of sports food consists of several stages. At first define what additives will be necessary for you. It is necessary to pay attention to age, addition type. The floor matters. Consider the experience of trainings and also the purposes which you set before yourself.

2. Sports food can be divided into two groups – proteinaceous and carbohydrate. The first is intended in order that the athlete could gain "dry" muscle bulk. Carbohydrate perfectly will be suitable for the set of muscle bulk.

3. There is a lot of types of sports food. It: zhiroszhigatel, geyner, proteins, vitamin complexes, creatine, amino acids and others. Products are chosen individually.

4. It is very good if you have the opportunity to consult to the sports nutritionist or the personal coach. Of course, they have to have the corresponding education. It is better to address the famous experts.

5. Well proved the additives manufactured in the USA and Germany. Information which is published in specialized editions to fitness and bodybuilding will help to make the choice. Study only serious, specialized editions having high ratings and big circulation.

6. Choose those suppliers who actively advance it in the market. It is worth buying sports food that which is widely advertized.

7. Get sports food in specialized shops, in fitness bars, from official representatives of the known manufacturing companies. Never buy overdue products.

8. Before you make the purchase, study the label of the product. The fact is that sports food is issued with different taste.

9. It is recommended to choose products with natural fragrances. It can be sports food with taste of strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. In their production use strawberry, cocoa and vanillin. If you see before yourself a little known product, it is the best of all not to buy such sports food.

10. Many products contain mineral substances and vitamins. It is one more occasion to attentively read information on the label. If you receive vitamin and mineral complexes, count the dosage of minerals and vitamins B day.

11. It is very important to decide on the budget. Remember that sports food needs to be received the course. The break isn't recommended to be taken, the expressed effect can achieve only at long reception.

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