How to pick up the system of trainings: short guide

How to pick up the system of trainings: short guide

The system of trainings is selected depending on the state of health and physical training. Both aerobic, and anaerobic techniques are popular. Division happens on intensity, tension and other parameters.

Correctly picked up system of trainings allows not only to support the body, but also to restore the health. Before the choice of the most suitable mode it is necessary to understand precisely what objectives you want to achieve. All types of physical activity can be divided from the principle of obtaining energy.

Aerobic trainings

At them the huge amount of oxygen gets to the organism. They are based on performance of exercise stresses at respect for the principles of the correct breath. The example of aerobic trainings are:

  • fast walking;
  • run at slow and average pace;
  • aerobics;
  • driving the bicycle;

All these technicians assume study of all groups of muscles due to rhythmical repetition of certain movements at once. During the occupations the heart actively works, pumping over the increased blood volume.

At correctly picked up intensity the aerobic loadings suit all. Especially that who only begins to play sports. Prevention of thromboses and the heart attack, bile outflow improvement, increase in blood of "good" cholesterol belongs to their advantages.

Anaerobic trainings

Among them are popular:

  • power exercises;
  • use of exercise machines;
  • high-speed driving the bicycle;

Practically all technicians assume fast and heavy exercise stresses. Here practically oxygen as the organism receives energy from fat deposits isn't required. The greatest results allow to receive power trainings, that is weight exercises.

Techniques are used for accumulation of muscle bulk. With care have to be applied by people who have no good physical training. Are contraindicated at injuries of joints, to pregnant women and at heart pathology. During the anaerobic training there is the increase in density of bones that allows to reduce risk of developing of fractures.

Static and dynamic techniques

All methods it is possible to divide by the form reductions of muscles. Static give the chance to strengthen at once all muscle fibers. Carry various power occupations to dynamic versions.

At competent scheduling of trainings attention is paid to both types. At the same time for women optimum is combinations 50 on the 50th loudspeakers and statics. To men increase static exercises. It is recommended to the beginning athletes to begin occupations with dynamics, in 1-2 months to include static loads.

How to pick up the system of trainings?

Decide on the purposes, decide that you want to receive. Objectives have to be specific, for example, to lose weight by 5 kg by the birthday. Individual parameters and OFP are surely considered. In attention it is received:

  • floor;
  • weight;
  • growth;
  • physical build type;
  • presence of chronic diseases.

Decide on frequency and duration of loadings. Results depend on it. At the first trainings it is necessary to pay attention to ability of the organism to restoration. At most of people on it 1-2 days leave.

Pick up the optimum system. At interval there is the alternation of exercises of low and high intensity. The technique is suitable for preparation for big loadings. The circular technique assumes fast performance of exercises when for one occupation there is the local study of muscles.

One of the safest is functional loading. It combines kardio and the power training. The great option for people without physical training, for those who undergo rehabilitation after injuries.

The basic training also is suitable for beginners. At it in one day the loading is received only by one group of muscles. However the result won't be if to be engaged 1-2 times a week.

In conclusion we will note: when choosing it is necessary to make a start from the condition of the health. Then periodic change of techniques will bring the maximum results.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team