How to pick up the weight of dumbbells

How to pick up the weight of dumbbells

The correct selection of weight of dumbbells is necessary in order that it was possible to perform exercise truly, without deviations from the curve on which the hand has to move. In case of the incorrect choice of weight it is possible or to give loading, insufficiently big, or on the contrary, weight will be so big that performance of exercise will be impossible.

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1. First of all, you remember warm-up. Before determining the weight of dumbbells for concrete exercise, properly warm up sheaves. In case you find not enough time for warm-up, you risk either to pull sheaves, or to injure yourself at the wrong performance of exercise.

2. There is the general rule for which you have to select dumbbells: you have to be able to execute 150% of the number of the repetitions intended for one approach with that weight which you will choose. Carry out check without chiting.

3. Also, it is necessary to use the help of the second person in order that he crossed to you dumbbells. The fact is that at achievement of the certain level of development of force you can be not able to lift the dumbbells neobkhdimy for exercise, in the stance for exercise.

4. In case you insufficiently developed the grip of the hand, don't lose dumbbell weight. More useful will use special ties which fix hands. Also, when performing exercises, it is possible to use the special rigid sleeve which fixes elbows. It is especially useful when performing the exercises aimed at the development of muscles of the case.

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