How to play badminton

How to play badminton

Playing badminton is known since the most ancient times. But in ancient times the game consisted only in the simple perekidyvaniye of the shuttlecock. And rackets and shuttlecocks differed quite significantly. Finally rules of the game and its name were created in the middle of the 19th century.


1. Before the playing badminton cast lots. The one who will win draw, chooses cross or side of the platform. Begin the game with cross from the right field. Crossing the shuttlecock, strike it with the racket only from below. At kick the rim of the racket has to be not above the line of the belt of the server.

2. Correctly to hold the racket, clasp its handle so that its face end looked out so as far as it doesn't hinder the movements of the brush. Make sure thatMake sure that your grip will allow you to carry out kicks from various provisions. Put the thumb on the wide plane of the handle of the racket.

3. At the time of cross both players have to stand on the diagonalno located fields of cross, not to attack lines, at the time of the place-kick not to descend. At cross, deceptive feints and kicks on shuttlecock feathers are forbidden. Try to get to the opposite direction of the platform on diagonal.

4. After cross it is possible to descend from the place and to take any convenient location on the side of the platform. During the game it is impossible to concern the goal net the racket or any part of the body, however the shuttlecock can touch it.

5. If the crossing player makes the mistake at cross, it passes to another. If the receiving player makes the mistake, to the crossing party 1 point is set off. The player who won the point has the right again to carry out cross, but only after the platform changeover.

6. It is possible to play badminton in couples. For this purpose four players are divided into couples. Crosses carry out in turn. At the prize of the point of the party change sides of the platform.

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