How to play bunnock

How to play bunnock

Bunnock – the ancient Russian entertainment which others gradually forced out, sports and computer games more popular today. Despite deep historical roots, standards on the game and its rules were thought up only at the beginning of the 20th century. For the victory the player needs good physical shape, the excellent eye estimation and, of course, there is a little luck. How to play bunnock?

It is required to you

  • Bunnock, the bat, specially prepared platform, swept


1. Prepare stock for the game in bunnock. Make the bat for striking blows of several wooden churbachok, having connected them together metal plates. The easiest way to make the bat – to cut off the hacksaw the piece of the polypropylene water pipe suitable on length and diameter and to densely fill it sand, having closed the ends of the pipe caps.

2. Make bunnock. They represent wooden cylinders 200 mm long and with a diameter of 50 mm. The minimum set for one player – five pieces. Bunnock without special work can be turned on the lathe in the school workshop.

3. Pick up the field for gorodoshny battles. Any spacious platform with the rigid covering, for example, asphalted will be suitable for the game. By means of chalk draw the square of two by two meters in size on the platform – in it there will be figures. Note also buffer zone in front and on each side the square, out of limits of this zone it will be necessary to kick out bunnock. Before the buffer zone fill the strip from sand width in meter. If the bat at the diving touches this strip, the diving won't be included.

4. Build in the square the figure from towns and kick out it the bat. You have two attempts. The first diving becomes from distance of 13 m from the square, the second – from 6.5 m. Then there comes the turn of the opponent to make the divings. There are fifteen standard figures, but it is possible to think out them and independently. The player who kicked out bigger quantity of figures at the smallest number of divings considers the winner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team