How to play sports at cold

How to play sports at cold

Most of the people who are fond of active lifestyle interests the question whether it is possible to play sports during cold. Even physicians from around the world argue about it. When the person is sick or weakened by fight against the illness, there is the question of expediency of exercise stresses.


1. For professionals, according to doctors, exercise stresses during the disease are strictly forbidden. And if to speak oh, so-called, fans who visit gyms or fitness clubs here opinions of experts differ.

2. Long since was considered that during headaches, the indisposition or at other symptoms accompanying cold, the training is strictly banned. As during the illness to the organism additional loadings to anything. Now experts say that sports during the disease in no way won't influence recovery, that is won't accelerate it, but also won't slow down. But, nevertheless, all doctors are uniform that during high temperature the exercise stresses are contraindicated. Trainings during cold have to take place in the facilitated mode, that is if to the disease the training borrowed an hour and a half, then during it it is necessary to be limited to occupations of forty minutes till one o'clock.

3. In case the doctor claims that at you flu, the campaign one training better to postpone until the absolute recovery. As during this disease strong complications on kidneys, lungs and heart are possible. And moral aspect of this action – you are sick, that is there is the risk to infect visitors of the gym as all places for sports activities are public.

4. If all of you feel that you observe symptoms of the disease, but don't want to postpone the visit of gym, then in this case it is necessary to consider that the intensity of loading needs to be reduced by 40-50 percent. Also during cold it is necessary to pay much attention to consumption of clean drinking water – it is necessary to drink each 10-15 minutes, it will allow to strengthen sweating and will support your organism. During the disease it is necessary to give preference to aerobics – the step aerobics, run on the track and so on. It is possible to try occupations yoga or the extension, and it is better to leave heavy power exercises for later – all the same you won't be able to reach those indicators that were at you to the disease.

5. Having considered all opinions of experts that whether it is possible to play sports during cold, it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account what exercise stresses allow to strengthen immunity and will help not to support in general. According to doctors, the aerobics concerns them, melt-bo – intensive aerobic trainings with elements of east martial arts, occupations yoga, melt-chi – the kind of the Chinese gymnastics, stretching – the usual extension and water aerobics – physical exercises in water. Doing these sports, you will be able to strengthen not only the health, but also will forget about that, what is cold or flu.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team