How to practice yoga

How to practice yoga

The popularity of yoga around the world is explained by its efficiency and availability to each person. Occupations yoga is the harmonization of the body and soul. You can open for yourself possibilities of yoga independently and plunge into the world of perfection and tranquility.

It is required to you

  • Rug for yoga


1. Yoga – one of the most ancient exercises on the earth. This not only philosophical doctrine, it and healthy lifestyle. The yoga considers perfection of the person in three directions – the body, soul, spirit. Strengthening of the body is the most popular direction of yoga. It doesn't contradict any religion. All want to be healthy, irrespective of religion.

2. It is possible to practice yoga independently, and it is possible under the leadership of the instructor in the fitness center or school of yoga. If you decided to study independently fundamentals of yoga, it is required to you: the rug for yoga, free clothes. Practice yoga barefoot, for the best sex linkage and balance. For lessons you need the videocourse with the main asanas (yoga poses). When choosing the videocourse pay attention that there are several exercises of yoga. Their difference in approach and levels of complexity. For example, the yogi Ayengar is suitable for the asanas beginning because of the availability. The power yoga is intended for "advanced", there the emphasis is placed more on complexity of performance of asanas.

3. What yoga you wouldn't choose, your personal positive relation to occupations has to be the main condition. The yoga shouldn't bring physical fatigue even if you did the headstand. If after classes you feel painful feelings then, you build asanas inconsistently and not correctly.

4. The yoga class begins with "the salute to the sun" (if you are engaged in the morning or in the afternoon) or "salutes to the moon" if in the evening. Begin to do all asanas from simple to difficult. You don't seek to be twisted in the inconceivable pose at once. You to yourself only do much harm. Almost each asana is logical continuation another. Then you also won't notice how you appeared in some difficult pose. In yoga it is important to make the good muscle strain, to build breath, endurance.

5. There are special asanas which are useful for doing at some diseases. However, in yoga there are also restrictions. The pregnant women, people who suffered severe injuries (especially backs) need to practice yoga only under the leadership of the coach.

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