How to prepare the bicycle for the winter trip

How to prepare the bicycle for the winter trip

The bicycle is good everything, except one main and very notable problem. This transport is very strongly subject to influence of weather conditions. With arrival of winter it is influence repeatedly amplifies. Let's prepare the bicycle for the winter trip and we will continue driving. Winter trips (at the correct approach) bring only positive emotions and the huge charge of cheerfulness!

It is required to you

  • Lubricant of WD-40 type or analog, silicone lubricant, rag for rubbing, feyr (or similar means), wings


1. First of all, it is necessary to expose the necessary level of the subsaddle pin, or to level saddle height. The saddle needs to be put at such height that sitting on it is mute you could plant the feet against the earth (or to get the earth 2/3 feet). It will allow to exclude unexpected falling at hit on ice.

2. Without fail it is necessary to install wings on the bicycle! Any cycle trip is the analog of the trip in the rain in the winter.

3. The fork and the shock-absorber need to be wiped carefully (if necessary - to wash out from the feyra) both to, and after the trip. All sealing glands need to be coated with silicone lubricant.

4. The chain of the bicycle needs to be washed and coated after 2-3 trips in the winter.

5. Brake disks or rotors should be wiped with the dry rag to gloss prior to each trip.

6. The bicycle also should be washed in the winter more often - reagents very strongly spoil the bicycle covering.

7. Pressure in tires needs to be chosen in the range of 2 - 2.5 atm. The rolled tires will strongly slip and will hardly be able to provide the sufficient level of coupling.

8. If the fork and the shock-absorber begin to work badly at the frost, it is necessary to replace oil in these devices with less viscous. For many forks use of oils 5-10 W is optimum

9. Back and front switches need to be cleaned in due time.

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