How to press bicycle pedals

How to press bicycle pedals

Before many beginning cyclists inevitably there is the question how to increase efficiency of driving the bicycle to be tired less, and to pass more. Of course, a lot of things depend on fitness of the cyclist. But there are some more secrets, applying which the cyclist quickly will achieve desirable results. One of such secrets is the way to press correctly pedals. In cycling terminology it is called pedalling. The correct pedalling – the key to success of all driving the bicycle.

It is required to you

  • Cycle computer.


1. What enters this concept? The essence of the method is that pedals need to be twisted, but not to press on them. This technique means pedalling with high "kadensy" (frequency spin of pedals). It will demand from you less energy, will evenly distribute loads of knees and muscles of legs and will allow you to go quicker and further with smaller fatigue. Frequency of spin of pedals at the same time has to be in the interval of 60-90 rpm (revolutions per minute). Some athletes twist pedals with the frequency up to 150 revolutions per minute. But it is already the training question.

2. Most of people got used to press only during the movement of the pedal down. It is actually necessary to use the efforts throughout all circle of the turn of the pedal. Very well for this purpose special bindings – contact pedals or tuklipsa with spikes approach.

3. Try to be trained, pedalling during driving by one leg. You twist, the pedal not only forward, but also down and also back and pull up on "the returnable course of the pedal" (only one leg). It is necessary to feel how on each spin the effort is distributed evenly, without breakthroughs and failures on all length of roundabout. Continue to develop technology of circular pedalling until spin by one leg doesn't become uniform and smooth. After you understood and felt how it is necessary to twist the pedal one leg, try by the same principle to work also as the second leg.

4. You twist bicycle pedals smoothly, rotating them around. Gradually you learn to do it, making efforts throughout the whole revolution. For more exact calculation of frequency of spin of pedals use the bicycle computer.

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