How to pull the back

How to pull the back

If you sit the whole day at the computer or spend time in traffic jams driving the car, gradually muscles of the breast become clamped and strained, and muscles of the back weaken. It leads to emergence of stoop. The rescue method – the extension. First of all – the extension of muscles of the back.

It is required to you

  • Support (stance of the exercise machine or door jamb)
  • Gymnastic rug.


1. The left side get up to the support. Undertake it the left hand at the level of shoulders. Legs have to be shoulder width apart, relax knees. Last the case to the right, and the right hand towards the support. Your trunk has to be bent in the form of the arch. You will feel tension in muscles of the left side. Be late in this situation you won't feel extreme tension yet. Repeat. Make the same extension for the right side of the body.

2. Get up, having placed legs on width of shoulders. Bending knee and hip joints, bend forward. Miss hands between legs and grasp yourself by ankles. Tighten the case to hips. Slowly curve the back up, sticking out shovels. Record the pose within 10 – 15 seconds.

3. Get up on the rug on all fours, place hands and legs on width of shoulders. Slowly lower buttocks to heels, try to extend hands as it is possible further. You have to feel tension in muscles of the lower back. This exercise in addition helps to get rid quickly of the acute pain in the back.

4. Get up on all fours and try to extend gradually the back towards the ceiling. Act carefully, pull the vertebra behind the vertebra. Tighten the chin to the breast. Then slowly lower the thorax down and carefully throw back the head. Within 20 seconds spring the thorax towards the floor, surely slowly. Feel how back muscles strain.

5. Lay down on the back. Bend the right leg in the knee, left extend. Extend the right hand aside. Lower the bent leg to the left as if trying to reach the knee the floor. Help yourself the left hand, having put it on the knee. Turn the head to the right. All body is kind of twisted. When you feel the maximum muscle tension, within 20 seconds slightly shake the right leg. Repeat on other party. Exercise in addition stretches occipital muscles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team