How to pump over house muscles

How to pump over house muscles

To give the tone to body muscles, it isn't obligatory to do it in the gym. There are universal exercises which at their regular performance will help to gain muscle bulk and to make the body elastic and tightened.

1. If you decided to pump up muscles without exercise machines and the gym hall, be adjusted on what at least 40 minutes a day you will need to give to trainings. Ideally, it is necessary one or one and a half hours of time that without hurrying to study each zone of the body separately.

2. Your training has to begin with the obligatory warming up of muscles. Carry out arms swings, bendings and turns of the torso in the parties, serial leg raise to the trunk. For the tone of muscles of shoulders and the breast push-ups from the floor are effective. Begin with five push-ups and gradually increase the number of repetitions. If the physical shape allows, create to yourself additional loading in the form of the backpack filled with books placed on the back.

3. Humeral, back and pectoral muscles are well pumped over during pulling up on the horizontal bar or the horizontal bar. The home position for such exercise is the hang with the easy deflection in the back. Legs have to be crossed and bent in knees. The grip by hands can be done any, but for complication of the problem of the brush width of shoulders are located a little already. Pulling up exercise is considered difficult therefore to start repetitions has to be so much how many you will be able to execute. Gradually increase their number. Growth of muscles requires 3 approaches till 10-12 of repetitions.

4. For muscles of the press raising of the trunk is effective. Lay down on the back, record feet, link hands behind the head. Bend knees. Slowly raise the torso, without tearing off legs from the floor and without unbending knees. Muscles of hips shouldn't participate in work. Raise the trunk to the vertical position of 20 times. When your weight ceases to give sufficient loading for muscles, use weighting compounds. For example, take dumbbells or pancake from the post and you hold it behind the head in the course of exercise performance.

5. Muscles of buttocks and hips are perfectly pumped over by means of squats. The back during performance of exercise has to be equal, shoulders weakened. Squat not really deeply, but it is vigorous. For a start do 15 repetitions, gradually adding their quantity. When loading is habitual, take the filled backpack or dumbbells and squat, holding it before themselves.

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