How to pump over neck muscles

How to pump over neck muscles

There is a large number of the exercises developed for a training of various groups of muscles of a body. During the trainings the special attention should be paid to muscles of the top humeral belt, and especially — to neck muscles. In this article the anatomy of muscles of a neck, a technique of their warming up and pumping and also a precautionary measure will be considered during the trainings.

Anatomy and functions of muscles of a neck

In total muscles of a neck are divided into three groups: superficial, average and deep. Superficial provide a tension of skin on a neck and in mouth corners, turn the head in different directions and incline it back.

Important! Only the gradual prokachivaniye of all groups of muscles will allow to strengthen them evenly and to give to a neck a desirable look and volume. If you prefer any one exercise to all other, then there is a risk of a hypertrophy of some muscles and dystrophy of others.

Averages are responsible for rise and lowering of the lower jaw and hypoglossal bone, promote reduction and expansion of a throat. The deep group lifts and lowers the first two edges and cervical vertebras, inclines the head forward. In total the person has fifteen cervical muscles.

For what it is necessary to train them

The cervical department of an organism is one of its most vulnerable parts. She suffers both at a sedentary life, and at excessive loadings. Regular trainings help to normalize blood circulation in occipital area of the head and a neck, save from headaches, prevent development of osteochondrosis.

The developed muscular corset reduces traumatism probability when falling on a neck or rise in considerable weights. One more reason for a training is an esthetic appearance of the tightened muscles which many try to reach.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises for all body.

Warm-up and the warming gymnastics

Begin any power exercises directed to pumping of muscles with slow easy warm-up. It warms inactive muscles, helps to avoid gaps and stretchings of sinews and muscles during the training.

Each exercise in warm-up needs to be carried out in two approaches on ten times.

  1. Inclinations forward and back. Begin a training with them. Carry out these movements, standing directly with the hands extended along a body. Do each movement accurately and consciously — cervical vertebras do not stand negligence.
  2. To execute them it is correct, sit down on a plain firm surface. Turn only a neck and the head, it is not necessary to help itself shoulders and the case, otherwise the effect will be minimum.
  3. Inclinations in the parties. Be especially careful not to do much harm to themselves — incline the head until she does not touch an ear the top plane of a shoulder. Detain yourself in such situation for two seconds, then bend in other party.
  4. Happens as clockwise, and against it. You carry out a whole revolution to one party, then slow down and do the return movement.

Exercises for pumping of a neck

Practically all of them are carried out with use of weighting compounds. First it is necessary to take the minimum weight and to train in the company of the loved one who will be able to help if necessary.

Whether you know? One of the athletes, most famous in the world, the American by the name of Joe Rollino is considered. With a height of 165 cm it weighed 65 kg and at twenty-year age lifted weight more than 1400 kg! He all life adhered to the principles of vegetarianism, acted in circus representations and a show of athletes. Joe lived up to 104 years and was accidentally hit by the car shortly before the 105 anniversary.

Raising of the head with weighting

Rise can be done in a prone position either on a stomach, or on a back. It is necessary to lay down across a sports bench so that the head and the top humeral belt were on weight.

On the top surface of the head (forehead or a nape) put a shtangovy disk. Holding it with hands, smoothly hang the head down and raise it to a limit. Carry out in two approaches on fifteen times.

Overcoming counteraction

In this case you need assistance.

  1. Lay down on a sports bench in the same way, as when raising the head. Ask your workmate to put hands to you on a forehead.
  2. Now begin to show resistance to hands which hang your head down.
  3. Try to hold it in a horizontal condition of at least 15 seconds.

Whether you know? Alexander Zass, first-ever strongmen, gained world fame, set up the best-known record in 1938. The athlete laid down on the road and from above on him passed the truck up to the top filled with coal. Subsequently Alexander set up many impressive records — caught hands gun kernels, carried in teeth a metal beam with the people sitting on it and hammered nails into thick wooden boards by means of palms alone.

In case you have no workmate, put a palm on area of an ear and begin to put pressure upon the head to develop it aside. At the same time resist a hand the movement of the head, trying to shift a hand in an opposite direction. In the same way it is possible to overcome pressure of the hands imposed on a forehead and a nape.

Neck training on the wrestling bridge

This exercise is directed to increase in fortress of a neck. It does not promote extension of volume cervical muscles. The bridge — a traumatic pose therefore be extremely accurate:

  1. Lay down on a floor, enclose the folded soft jacket under a nape.
  2. Rest an occipital part against a floor, bend legs in knees and raise a basin over a floor.
  3. Now be shaken back and forth, slightly rolling the head from occipital area on parietal.

Important! Do not talk during performance of the bridge at all. Deviate on a cinciput on a breath and exhale at return to an initial position.

Standing on a wrestling triangle

The triangle is position of a body in which setups are carried out. Rest a forehead against a training rug, on both sides from the head deliver to a palm. Now rise on toes and as much as possible bring closer legs to the head. Slow setups you transfer a point of support from toes to a forehead and palms.

Shrag with burdening

Shrag received the name from the English word to shrug that means to shrug shoulders, they can be carried out both with a bar, and with dumbbells. Begin with the minimum weighting, gradually increasing weight.

Learn as it is correct to do shrag with a bar.

Become exactly, pick up dumbbells or not heavy bar. Then shrug shoulders so as if you do not know the answer to the asked question. The movement has to be carried out only at the expense of shoulders, but help yourself bending of hands with elbows.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

In view of the fact that the neck is very fragile part of a body with a large number of mobile vertebras, it is necessary to train her very carefully.

  • those who is disturbed by osteochondrosis to people with hernias nuclei pulposi should refrain from inflating of muscles of a neck;
  • performance of power exercises at diseases of a cardiovascular system, inflammatory processes in muscle tissue is not recommended;
  • first it is necessary to carry out exercises under supervision of the trainer or more experienced athlete;
  • frequent not long trainings (5–6 times a week) are more preferable, than 2–3 trainings with an overload for the same period;
  • if sharp differences of arterial blood pressure, noise in ears and turbidity of sight suddenly began to disturb you, stop exercises and see a doctor.

It is possible to pump up neck muscles both in the gym, and in house conditions. There is a large number of the exercises directed to increase in volume of muscle tissue and increase in its fortress.

Their accurate technical performance and gradual entry into training process will save you from unforeseen injuries and will help to pump up a neck to desirable parameters.

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Very well Bortsovsky Bridge works. Only at first warm up properly, and that for want of habit you will damage to yourself something.

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It is very important to swing neck muscles even for the ordinary person of t. to it saves from such illnesses as osteochondrosis, instability of vertebras and others and for fighters from suffocations! I advise to do isometric exercises (On the Internet full of an infa.) The wrestling bridge you do very dangerous exercise with care and it is desirable after X-ray of cervical department!


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