How to pump over the internal part of the breast

How to pump over the internal part of the breast

It is impossible to achieve wide, impressive pectoral muscles if not to pay attention to special trainings. The whole set of exercises is for this purpose provided. There is enough 15-20 minutes of occupations daily that in the week you felt visible result.


1. For exercises in house conditions or in gym halls use the bench with the return bending. Being in this situation, it is possible to achieve the fastest result.

2. Receive the prone position. For the best effect of performance of exercises use small dumbbells (2-5 kg). Take dumbbells in both hands. To avoid the undue stress on elbow joints, slightly bend them. Hands arrange at the level of the thorax.

3. When performing exercise feel the good extension in the field of the shoulder girdle and in all muscles of the breast. You hold brushes with palms up. Accurately raise hands towards the head, without straightening at the same time elbows. Be recorded in this state within several seconds. Slowly return to the home position. Repeat this exercise of 10-15 times, in 3-4 approaches.

4. Repeat the previous exercise, crossing hands over the neck. At the same time don't forget about the correct hand placement. Repeat this exercise also 10-15 times, in 3-4 approaches.

5. When performing exercises don't forget about breath. Take the deep breath when raising hands, exhaled at the reset.

6. When pumping the internal part of the breast don't forget about the balanced and healthy nutrition. Exclude fat, fried, hot and sweet dishes from the diet. Eat more food, filled with protein. Include in the diet fresh vegetables and fruit and also, fermented milk products. You remember: healthy nutrition – one of the integral components of qualitative trainings.

7. Before performance of exercises air the room in which the training will be held. Fresh air promotes the good spirit, bigger devotion and great result. During the summer period for the period of the training open the window leaf or the window.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team