How to pump over the neck

How to pump over the neck

Representatives of many sports need the strong neck: to football players, fighters, boxers. This muscle needs to pay also attention, as well as to all others. It should be taken into accountIt should be taken into account certain safe methods of the training of the neck.


1. Warm up the neck, carrying out slow movements. Get up on the floor, put legs shoulder width apart, set hands against sides. Execute slow circular motions, turning the neck by 360 degrees. After one such turn be late for 5-7 seconds in initial situation. For good pumping of the neck repeat this exercise of 5-10 times. It is initial warm-up it is very important for the basis cycle of exercises. Surely include this stage in each training. It to you will help to avoid the trauma in the future.

2. Learn to hold correctly the neck and to perform exercises. Absolutely inadmissibly to make breakthroughs at the training of this group of muscles. It, eventually, will lead to the trauma. Muscles of the neck can become very fragile after the first trauma. There will be much more probability of emergence repeated.

3. Perform the first exercise on pumping of the neck. Put one hand to the forehead. Another begin to press the head down. Achieve the maximum resistance. Release the hand. As soon as you feel that such loading isn't enough, apply the towel.

4. Reel up it on the forehead. Make something like the bandana and hold both ends of the towel hands. They have to be located opposite to the person. Create the maximum tension, having pulled the towel down. Relax the neck. Do so not less than 8 times.

5. Rest the forehead against any soft surface on the floor. Make so that it didn't slide. Do movements only by neck muscles back and forth, to the left-to the right. Execute not less than 15-20 circles according to this scheme. This exercise – one of the most effective for the neck swing. Giving it only 5 minutes a day, it is possible to achieve amazing result for a short time.

6. Practice yoga. Flexibility – the key moment in prevention of injuries. Often the yoga was perceived only as activity for women. However now it is used more and more for improvement of indicators at the training. Even when there are injuries, occupations yoga reduce amount of time for restoration many times.

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