How to pump up a biceps push-ups from a floor: effective exercises

How to pump up a biceps push-ups from a floor: effective exercises

People who want to pump up a biceps often choose as exercises of push-up from a floor, it is not difficult to carry out them.

In this article we will talk about features of such push-ups, rules of their performance and also about the recommended programs of trainings.

Features of push-ups on a biceps

It is important to that who watches good physical shape of a body to know whether the biceps push-ups shakes and whether it is possible to achieve from such occupations of the expected effect. It is technically more difficult to be wrung out with emphasis on a biceps usual, great efforts are required for joints of hands, and without due preparation it is possible to be injured. Before such exercises it is necessary to be engaged in usual push-ups which repetitions have to make not less than 25 times.

Unlike an easy way, push-up on a biceps is that loading has to be carried out specifically on this muscle. For performance of exercise of a hand go to other party from wringing out, and fingers at the same time go to legs.

Important! It is necessary to be wrung out on a biceps twice a week that muscles could have a rest fully.

If performance of exercise gives an inconvenience, then fingers should be developed outside from the case.

Rules of performance of exercises

It is necessary to know how to be wrung out to gain the maximum effect of occupations. For this purpose it is necessary to conform to such simple rules:

  • to become horizontal, to lower the person down, to make a support of palms about a floor, to put legs on a short distance;
  • the interval between palms has to be several centimeters, they need to be established parallel to shoulders. Fingers have to look not forward, and back;
  • to record a back and a neck on one line, the back should not cave in;
  • holding a back exactly, it is necessary to relax as much as possible it, the same touches also a neck;
  • taking a breath, it is necessary to fall as low as possible to a floor, on an exhalation at slow speed to rise up.

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Examine the most effective exercises on a biceps with dumbbells.

Schemes of pumping of a biceps push-ups

There are two schemes by means of which you can be defined how to swing a biceps, being wrung out from a floor:

  1. The scheme which assumes gradual increase in number of repetitions during each approach.
  2. It in addition includes pullings up on a crossbeam.

The classical scheme is not difficult, having chosen it, push-ups need to be done in 5 approaches. At first it is necessary to make the maximum number of repetitions of exercise which is considered initial point.

Important! Defining the maximum number of push-ups, it is not necessary to be overstrained excessively. Stop on figure after which you are leveled and you can stay several seconds.

Doing the first approach of the classical scheme, so many push-ups how many it was defined maximum are carried out. The second approach is carried out in two minutes, the number of repetitions is similar to the first. The third and fourth approaches assume decrease in repetitions on 5, and at the fifth approach they decrease by 10 times from initial figure.

At an integrated approach at first pullings up on a crossbeam become, and push-ups are final exercise. On a horizontal bar 5 approaches by the reverse or narrow grip, the number of repetitions — no more than 10 become. Exercise is done slowly to work muscles. After pullings up it will be more difficult to be wrung out from a floor therefore also the number of repetitions of this exercise should not be excessively large. It is optimum to do 15 push-ups even if will seem that it is simple to be wrung out still few times. It is better to allow an organism to have a rest and to fully execute one more approach.

Whether you know? The biceps does not influence blow force, it influences the speed of bending and extension of a hand and endurance from these movements.

The recommended program

Exercises on push-up from a floor can be done at Split or fulbad trainings.

Split of trainings

At such occupations about two muscular groups are studied. Prokachivany of a back and a biceps is promoted such by Split a training:

  1. Pullings up by the wide successful fellow.
  2. Thirst of dumbbells for a belt.
  3. To become in an inclination and to do draft of a dumbbell by one hand.
  4. To carry out push-ups on a biceps.
  5. Pullings up by the wide successful fellow.

Whether you know? The biggest biceps in the world has the size of 71 centimeter. Its owner is the bodybuilder Greg Valentino.

Carrying out pulling up and draft of dumbbells, you will be able to involve several muscular groups that promotes pumping not only a biceps, but also back muscles.

Fulbada trainings

During such occupations it is possible to study all body at the same time. Its top part is enough to be pumped over push-ups, doing change of position of palms and hands. The training has to look so:

  1. Exercise at which hands are put widely.
  2. Push-ups a palm to a palm.
  3. With the direction of fingers of palms towards legs.
  4. Exercise at which it is necessary to lean on a fitball.

It is possible to be engaged on such system every other day, the main thing is to give after classes to muscles rest before the next occupation.

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Precautionary measures

That trainings were effective, and harm was not done to an organism, being wrung out, it is necessary to observe some precautions:

  1. Push-ups can promote pains in brushes, on them unusual loading is necessary. Not to injure joints, initial occupation becomes with placing of brushes in the most comfortable position. After adaptation to loadings they can be put in position for inflating of a biceps.
  2. Beginners should not choose difficult exercises. At first it is necessary to strengthen muscles by means of a rack. When the physical shape of a body improves, it is possible to start push-ups.
  3. It is necessary to be wrung out accurately and conforming to the rules, otherwise the result will be zero.
  4. It is necessary to breathe at trainings exactly.
  5. It is necessary to carry out exercises at slow speed, avoiding sharp movements.
  6. You should not be overstrained excessively. Excessive loading will not increase a biceps, but can cause stretching of joints and various injuries.

Get acquainted with technology of performance and advantage of raising of a bar on a biceps and bendings of hands on Scott's bench with a bar.

Push-ups do not demand special sports devices from a floor and are easily feasible in house conditions. Knowing about features and rules of their carrying out, you will be able to pump up a biceps and also to improve endurance and a physical condition of a body.

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