How to pump up and increase gluteuses

How to pump up and increase gluteuses

At the beginning of the 21st century the wave of fashion for fitness, beauty of the body, the healthy lifestyle, trainings and healthy nutrition overflowed our country. The people massively brought down in gyms and on stadiums to put the appearance in order.

The image of ideally beautiful body constantly changes, together with change of priorities in development of the fitness industry, however invariable is the thirst for the beautiful and developed muscles of legs and gluteuses. To make gluteuses beautiful, volume and tightened occupations will help with gym. There are general and auxiliary exercises. Basic occupy, as a rule, the most part of the training. Their performance is very power expensive, promotes increase in synthesis of protein and growth of muscle bulk.

1. Stanovy draft.

This exercise can be used in its various variations with the post, dumbbells, the weight, rubber loops, in the block exercise machine, etc. This exercise allows to involve also lumbar department, the back surface of the hip and the broadest muscles of the back that is very important. Loading varies depending on the type of draft: classical, Romanian or "sumo". Than already setting of legs, is more loaded with that the waist and the back surface of the hip.

2. Squats.

Exercise is also performed in various variations, however, as much as possible to load gluteuses it is necessary to squat below "parallel".

Auxiliary exercises athletes as a rule concretize load of some group of muscles, as much as possible studying it.

3. Lunges.

This exercise athletes finish the back surface of the hip and muscle of legs. Lunges can be carried out both forward and back, with the weight and without.

4. Various swings and assignments.

Swings and assignments now in halls are especially popular, in view of the variety and functionality of sports equipment. They are carried out with loops, standing, lying, in blocks, etc.

1. Well warm up before power work.

2. Gluteuses - one of the largest and strong groups of muscles of the person. Rather serious loadings are necessary for its development and growth. If you want to increase their volume, then you shouldn't neglect power work.

3. It isn't recommended to combine stanovy draft and squat as both of these exercises are general at one training and spend many forces. At you just it won't be necessary "to pull" qualitatively forces after squats.

4. Finish the training with exercises on kardio exercise machines (of 30 minutes). It will allow to be in good shape and not to gain excess weight.

5. Power work demands good food. Be not frightened when after power work you have the good appetite.

6. Don't forget about the extension and the press.

7. Alternate hard trainings (the weight more, the number of repetitions in approach are less) with lungs (many repeated approaches with the small weight). It will help to develop both groups of muscle fibers (fast and slow).

8. Use services of the coach.

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