How to pump up bitsepets

How to pump up bitsepets

Relief bicepses — the dream of any beginning athlete. The developed muscles of hands clearly demonstrate strength of the owner. However it is possible to achieve desired volume only by means of intensive trainings and carefully picked up set of exercises.


1. The first exercise allowing to achieve good results is the press of the post standing. Get up directly, having received the steady position. The foot have to be almost parallel, only socks are sent slightly to the parties. Having received the home position, take the post the undergrip, having placed hands on width of shoulders. Become straight, lower the post to hips. Surely you watch the bearing: the back has to be the straight line. On the breath bend hands, lifting the post to the breast. Be late in such situation for several seconds, then again lower the apparatus. You watch that elbows remained are a little bent, otherwise loading will be distributed incorrectly.

2. Raising of the post the reverse grip gives the main load of forearm muscles. However this obligatory exercise and for those who seek to pump over bicepses. Place legs on width of shoulders, take the post the upper grip: palms have to look down. Lift the apparatus from the level of hips to the breast. Elbows at the same time are pressed to the torso. In the top point make the second pause, trying it is even stronger to strain muscles of hands then return to the home position.

3. It is possible to increase the mass of the biceps not only by means of the post. One of the best exercises — costing raising of dumbbells. Place legs shoulder width apart, take dumbbells the neutral grip, press them to hips. In the initial position of the palm are directed at each other. On the breath begin to tighten slowly dumbbells to shoulders, bending hands in elbows. Approximately at the level of the breast begin to ravorachivat dumbbells so that in the top point of the palm "looked" in shoulders. Be late in this position then smoothly lower hands down.

4. "Hammer" allows to develop the long head of the biceps which remains out of the zone of impact of many other exercises. Besides, carrying out it, you also force to work humeral and plecheluchevy muscles. Rise and take dumbbells the neutral grip in both hands. During this exercise it is also important to watch the bearing: the stoop and the lowered shoulders will nullify all your efforts. On the breath lift one of dumbbells to the breast. Try as it is possible to strain the biceps stronger. Slowly lower the apparatus, without relaxing muscles. Then repeat other hand.

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