How to pump up breast muscles

How to pump up breast muscles

Pectoral muscles are one of the largest on the human body. Therefore they should pay special attention during the power trainings. The harmony of all physical build will depend on them.


1. Do careful warm-up of all body before exercises on pectoral muscles. Jump on the jump rope about 5-10 minutes. It is important that the body was warm and ready to loadings. If there is no jump rope, then it is possible just to run about around the hall during the same time. Do chin-ups several times and execute extensions of hands, backs and breasts. On all warm-up at you about 10-15 minutes have to leave.

2. Execute the press on the horizontal bench. Ship small weight on the apparatus. Lay down on the bench so that the head was a little farther than post level. Undertake the post shoulder width apart and remove it from stances. Lower slowly before contact with the breast and squeeze out it up. Repeat 10 times. Make not less than 5 working sets. Have a rest and recover the breath.

3. Make distributing of dumbbells on the horizontal bench. Take two dumbbells, small on weight, and lay down on the bench. Raise hands, having straightened them completely. As soon as dumbbells appeared over your head, slowly part hands in the parties to painful defect. Then reduce them together. Perform this exercise not less than 10 times in 4 approaches. Get up from the bench and stir up hands.

4. Pump over pectoral muscles by means of one heavy dumbbell. This exercise still carries the name "pullover". The dumbbell has to be about 1.5-2 times heavier than that with which you did distributing in the parties. Again lay down on the bench, lift the apparatus over the head and accurately get it for the head. Return it in the first position. The number of repetitions – 10, sets – 3.

5. Train as well on the special exercise machine "distributing in the parties". This exercise will help your muscles not to gain volume as previous three, and to form the relief of pectoral muscles. It is also very important in harmonious development. Sit down on sitting of the exercise machine, undertake forearms handles and execute data of cargoes. Slowly return hands to initial situation. Make not less than 10 times in 3 approaches.

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