How to pump up cheekbones on the face without operation

How to pump up cheekbones on the face without operation

Often sharp weight loss leads to the fact that the person loses accurate contours, becomes swollen and visually looks is more senior. Happens and so that the slender girl has chubby cheeks which not to take away any diets. To pump up cheekbones without operation, it is necessary to carry out the simple set of exercises daily.

All who dream of expressive cheekbones and the thin aristocratic oval will be helped by exercises for the relief of the person. As well as any muscles, cheekbones need to be swung gradually, slowly increasing loading.

Complex for every day

Exercises need to be performed twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. This front gymnastics will occupy time minimum, but will bear essential fruits.

To get rid of fatigue traces on the face, it is deeply necessary to inhale, having concentrated air behind cheeks. The person has to remind the hard balloon. Lips at the same time are densely close, palms lie on cheeks, finger-tips touch ears. Now it is necessary to press hands on cheeks, without letting out the air from the mouth.

To put lips the tubule and to press language on the cheek from within, kind of stretching muscles. To watch that the mouth didn't open. To stretch cheeks in turn within 30 seconds. Exercise warms up muscles of the person. This exercise is similar to previous. Only now cheeks stretch not language, but the mass of air collected in the mouth from within. Now it is necessary to slightly open the mouth, having pulled lips on teeth. To put hands on cheeks and to carry out slightly by palms in the direction up. Lips and cheeks are strained all the time. To carry out until face muscles are tired. To stuff up the thumb for the cheek and effort of muscles to lift it up. The finger it is constant to create resistance.

The developed complex

Will help to pump up cheekbones without operation two exercises from the complex bodiflex. The first is called "Lion". It is necessary to extend lips the tubule so that they resembled small letter "O". And to roll up eyes, having directed them up, for the top. It is at the same time necessary to stretch the face diversely – to pull the forehead and the top part of cheeks to the ceiling, and the mandible and lips – to the floor. To watch that the mouth didn't open. The second exercise "Grimace". Standing directly, to push the mandible forward before repartition, to throw back the head, and to pull lips up, kind of kissing the ceiling. Shoulders during exercise need to be lowered down. The complicated front gymnastics is complemented with endurance exercises. It is required to delay mouth corners the muscular strength in the direction of ears so that as much as possible teeth were bared. At the same time not to wrinkle the forehead. To sit so, straining muscles of cheeks until they get sick. Now to take the pencil and to clamp it between the upper lip and the nose. Some time until there are enough forces to go in this subject, performing other exercises or doing household chores. Every day to increase exercise duration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team