How to pump up house muscles to the teenager

How to pump up house muscles to the teenager

The strong, athletically developed figure – sign of good health. Desire to have it is peculiar to many people, irrespective of age. Teenagers at the age of 14-16 years are often externally similar to adults, but it doesn't mean that they can carry out the same power loadings. Trainings for young men and girls have specific features.

It is required to you

  • - horizontal bar;
  • - dumbbells.


1. The major factor of growth of muscle bulk is testosterone. At the age of 12-16 years there is the significant increase in hormonal secretion. For this reason power trainings during puberty are especially effective. Growth of muscles happens almost by itself, it needs to be stimulated only slightly.

2. Often growth of muscles considerably advances development of the cardiovascular system in this age. For this reason teenagers need to combine power trainings with cardiotrainings. Run, driving the bicycle and swimming contribute to the development of the cardiac muscle. Aerobic trainings have to occupy not less than 60% of total time of physical occupations.

3. Always begin the power training with careful warm-up. The weakness of joints and ligaments at teenage age demands good preparatory work to avoid injuries. Perform several all-physical exercises before starting power occupations.

4. Up to 16 years, exercises with the maximum weight are contraindicated. They can contribute to the development of inguinal hernia or fouls in development of the backbone.

5. The main objective of power trainings at teenage age – creation of the muscular corset holding internals and contributing to the full development of the musculoskeletal system. Exercises for muscles of the press and the back are obligatory.

6. Choose the exercises connected with use of weight of own body. They are most natural, promote the best growth of muscle bulk and are least dangerous to the musculoskeletal system.

7. Carry out pullings up on the horizontal bar. This exercise at the same time forces to work muscles of the back, the shoulder girdle, hands and the breast. These muscles form the recognizable courageous silhouette. At the same time load of the backbone – minimum.

8. For the best study of pectoral muscles and tricepses carry out push-ups. Changing position of palms and the tilt angle of the body when performing exercise, you will be able to work in details muscles of the breast and to give it the necessary relief.

9. To pump over muscles of the lower body, not to cost you weighting compounds. The best exercise for this purpose - squats. Work the proper technique, training without burdenings. It is possible to get to work with weight only after two weeks of occupations.

10. Dumbbells are suitable teenagers for performance of power exercises more. The post forces to carry out movements on rigid range that raises load of joints and sheaves. Training with dumbbells, it is possible to choose independently the necessary curve of the movement and better to feel muscle work.

11. The mode of the training has to mean increase of loading. Refuse eccentric exercises. Optimum number of repetitions in one approach – 12-15 times. Alternate days of power occupations to cardiotrainings that muscle fibers managed to be restored.

12. The pliometrichesky exercises which are based around jumps and sharp lunges are contraindicated to teenagers. Can carry out them only the trained athletes under supervision of the coach.

13. Include in the training program of stretching exercise. They will promote the fastest increase in muscle bulk.

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