How to pump up internal muscles of legs

How to pump up internal muscles of legs

The internal surface of the hip brings women a lot of disappointment. Exactly here first of all the fat accumulates and there is noticeable cellulitis. And men athletes can complain of difficulty of study of this group of muscles too. Meanwhile there is a number of the exercises directed to tightening medial muscles of the hip and to make them stronger.

  • - post;
  • - burdening on the ankle;
  • - gymnastic rug.

1. Get up directly, put the post on shoulders. If as burdening you use dumbbells, hold them in freely lowered hand. Put legs more widely than shoulders, feet develop outside at an angle 45 degrees. Such setting of legs to provide load of internal muscles of the hip. Slowly fall down. Try to hold the case directly and not to fill up knees inside. When you fall to the level of the vertical position of shins, the main work has to be conducted at the expense of hip joints. Fall so as if you sit down on the low chair. Having fallen to the deep squat, smoothly return to the home position. Rise has to happen slightly quicker, than squat.

2. Get up directly before the post. Widely place legs. Shins touch the post signature stamp. Bend forward, undertake the post the direct grip a little more widely than shoulders. Don't bend knees. Shoulder joints are in the side projection to 15-20 cm behind the post. Cramp shovels and slightly bend the waist. Breakthrough lift the post and become straight. The movement of the signature stamp has to happen very close to the front surface of legs.

3. Lay down on the right side, the emphasis on the right forearm. Put on burdening in the form of the weighted cuff the right ankle. Bend the left leg and put the left foot before the right hip as it is possible closer to the basin. Slowly raise the straight right leg as highly as you will be able. In the top point make two-three springing movements. Then smoothly lower the leg down, but don't put it on the floor, and be late into two scores. Again execute rise. Carry out smooth rises with the podpruzhinivaniye until you feel feeling of burning in muscles of the internal surface of the right hip. Have a rest about a minute and perform exercise for the left leg.

4. Very well the extension helps to strengthen medial muscles of the hip. Get up directly, place legs most widely, develop feet outside. Hands can be extended before themselves or to press to shoulders. Fall to the deep squat. The angle in the knee joint has to be right. Be late in this situation, you won't feel easy burning in muscles yet. Make several springing movements up-down and straighten legs. Have a rest minute and repeat exercise.

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