How to pump up kick

How to pump up kick

Many beginning fighters want to learn the answer to the sacramental question – how to pump up the kick and to make it lightning. The shot power depends on the speed increased by weight. It is also possible to call it kick power. What it is necessary to take steps to make your kick sharp and strong?

  • - Gloves;
  • - punching bag;
  • - boxing paws;
  • - fabric or towel;
  • - coach or sparring partner.

1. Train tendinous kicks. They will be the most effective in your arsenal. Begin the movement not from legs, the shoulder or the case, and on the contrary from fingers of brushes: it is biting and weakened throw out hands to the purpose. At the time of contact with the venue pass all effort and rigidity. After that return hands in the initial position and be to strike the following blow on call. Use all case during kick.

2. Experience on yourself power of tendinous kick. Moisten hands with water and try to make the splashing movement to any rigid place which to be at the distance of contact of your hand.

3. Use more the weakened brush and feet, and, on - to the minimum – the muscular system. Sinews of the body will give rigidity and the tension of kick. Form the kick consistently. Begin with study on the towel or any other fabric. You strike more blows with the otdergivaniye.

4. Create to yourself the system of trainings on statement of the hard shot. In general, it has to include all types of kicks by legs and hands, knees and elbows. All this has to last about three-five rounds three minutes. Pay attention not only the physical party of the operating time, but also technical too.

5. Increase gradually kick speed. Concentrate on the center of the purpose and include wave strengthening. Use on full all the extremities.

6. Work not only single kicks, but also series on 2-5 kicks. Naturally, put maximum effort at kick in each round.

7. You pass gradually from the striking kicks on fabric to work on punching bags and paws. Plan to make it in few months of kicks on the towel. Add new exercises on kick working off, and, of course, don't forget about already passable.

8. Paint the training plan for 1 year and follow it! This term just is also necessary that it is quite good to pump up kick. As soon as you put accurate kick on pears and paws, add kicks by legs, knees, elbows, brushes. And in process of advance increase the speed and rigidity. Having executed all above steps, you will be able to pump over the shot power for rather short term.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team