How to pump up legs in house conditions

How to pump up legs in house conditions

During the trainings, paying much attention to the waist and hips, many girls forget at the leg. It is worth remembering that muscles of legs need to be involved not only to increase own appeal. Performing exercises on these groups of muscles, you effectively involve both the stomach, and hips.

Exercises on legs

This exercise is intended for pumping of muscles of outer side of hips. Receive the home position. Lay down on the left side, forming the right angle trunk-legged. Rest the right palm against the floor. Gradually raise the right leg up. In the maximum situation detain the pose within 3-5 seconds. Accurately return to initial situation. Repeat exercise of 15-20 times on each leg.

For pumping of inside of the hip there is other exercise. Lay down on the left side and extend legs and the trunk to one flat line. Pay attention: when performing this exercise the head has to be on the left hand which lies on the floor in the bent state. Holding the left leg directly, accurately bend right. Slowly lift it up. Return to initial situation. Repeat exercise 15-18 times on each leg.

Lunges excellently give load of muscles of hips. For their vypolneniye get up directly. Legs arrange together. For increase in loading pick up small dumbbells. Execute lunge by the left leg forward, having bent it in the knee. Try to transfer to it the weight of the body as much as possible. You remember: when performing lunge forward the line of the right hip and trunk has to create the straight line. Accurately return to the home position. Repeat exercise 15-20 times on each leg. One of simple and effective exercises on legs it is considered to be squats. Get up directly, having put legs shoulder width apart. Extend hands along the case of the body. On the breath gradually squat down. The head and the back at the same time need to be held exactly. On the exhalation return to the home position. Exercise should be performed in process of physical training.

Useful recommendations

To perform exercises it is necessary to begin slowly, gradually increasing pace. Without preliminary physical training you shouldn't begin with intensive trainings at once. Systematically change the set of exercises. Similar change diversifies your occupations and will help to achieve desirable result much quicker. Don't refuse when performing exercises on legs dumbbells. Using lightweight, you will much quicker give to the legs the beautiful form. Don't forget when performing the complex about stretching exercises of muscles. It is necessary to execute them as before occupation, and later. It will increase efficiency of your trainings and will promote their safety.

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