How to pump up legs to men

How to pump up legs to men

The general inflating of the body at men is impossible without increase in muscle bulk of legs. The main loading at extension of muscles of the torso and hands is the share of them. If not to do it, it is quite possible to get varicosity and big weight it will be quite difficult to lift.


1. Be engaged in run. Run is the universal way to pump up muscles of legs. During it extra kilos are burned, and muscle bulk increases. Besides, it well influences work of heart and vessels. Begin with small distances, trying to keep even breathing. Gradually increase running duration. When get used to systematic loadings, carry out run with acceleration, with the legs which are highly raised forward and back. It is also possible to run with special weighting compounds which are hung up on ankles. It is possible to find them in any shop of sports goods.

2. Carry out squats. So you will well pump over the front part of the hip. Squat against the stop in several approaches, every week increasing number of times. At the same time don't tear off the leg from the floor, and you hold the back exactly. For achievement of bigger effect, begin to squat on one leg, holding another bent, and hands leaning on the chair back. At increase in muscle bulk of all body it is possible to begin squats with the post. So usually body builders train.

3. Get up on tiptoe. It considerably will increase gastrocnemius muscles of legs. Begin with 60 times executed in three approaches. When get used, increase the number of rises. You hold hands when performing this exercise on the belt.

4. Do leg swings. Lay down sideways on the firm surface, it is desirable on the floor, extend one hand for the head, and another lean on the floor. Raise the leg before receiving between it and the body of the corner in 90 degrees. Then lower it. Make up to 40 such repetitions in 2 approaches, then turn over on other side and repeat exercises with the second leg. These actions will increase side muscles of the hip.

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