How to pump up legs without exercise machines

How to pump up legs without exercise machines

At the movement of the person the main function is undertaken by muscles of the shin and foot. That is why it is so important to keep these muscles in the tone. It is possible to develop legs without special exercise machines using exercises on self-resistance. Such exercises allow to load and develop muscles of legs in proportion.


1. Standing on the plain and firm surface, it is necessary as it is possible to strain gastrocnemius muscles stronger. Keeping tension in muscles, stand up on socks. At uniform pace you reduce and you part heels standing. Such exercise can be followed by small pain in the lower sinews of the foot.

2. Without bending the leg in the knee, arrange the heel on the equal floor. Create tension of the tibial muscle of the leg and raise foot a little up. Make 10 turns the leg sock in different directions. For the best efficiency of development of muscles of the leg try not to tear off the heel from the floor.

3. You oboprit the leg on the sock. As much as possible delay the sock of the leg and strain the shin biceps. Make 10 turns of the heel to the left and to the right. Quicker to pump up foot muscles this exercise it is possible to perform standing on two legs and having taken small burdening.

4. The home position – lying on one side. One leg needs to be exposed a little forward. Try to lift the leg sock, keeping the foot in horizontal position. Make movements with the largest range.

5. In the standing position take the right leg aside. Hands are recommended to be connected in the lock and to arrange at the level of the breast for balance creation. Squat on the left leg. At the initial stage it is possible to adhere for any support the hand or to lower the right leg a little. But for fast development of muscles of the leg it is necessary to exclude the continence for support.

6. Establish the right leg on the chair behind yourself. Squat on the left leg. Try not to incline the trunk in the parties and to discipline it vertically. To sit down completely it won't turn out. But at preservation of the vertical trunk, also back muscles train.

7. Sit down on the high chair. The right angle of the leg bent in the knee will be considered as the ideal height of landing for this exercise. Clasp with hands the left leg and try to press it to yourself. Straighten the leg, overcoming resistance of hands.

8. Having sat down, arrange arms on hips. Without rising from the floor, start walking. This exercise is the most effective remedy of prevention of diseases the joint and well develops gastrocnemius muscles.

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