How to pump up muscles in the week

How to pump up muscles in the week

All know that the attractive figure is the key to success, both in the relations, and at work as is the absolute measure of health and discipline of the person. To pump up muscles in the week not difficult and quite really, just take courage and forward!


1. It isn't difficult to pump up muscles in the week how it seems at first sight. It is enough to follow the certain plan which we will make further. Revise the schedule, that is allocate for yourself 2 hours of free time every day, this most optimum time for the training and development of basic muscles.

2. Further decide on food. It is necessary to eat often and plentifully. In this process there are cunnings. You will eat, for example "carbohydrates" receive energy, proteins – the weight, fats – the stock of forces. All this will make the complex of your diet for all week and the subsequent time.

3. For breakfast use "carbohydrates" - bread, potatoes, pasta, grain, sweets. Natural carbohydrate is sugar. Honey, depending on the look, contains 70 — 80% of glucose and fructose. The lunch consists of "proteins" - cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, meat of animals and hens, fishes, peas, haricot, nuts. The dinner from the complex of fats and proteins - cream, sour cream, curds special, Dutch cheese, pork meat, meat of ducks and geese, and also sausages boiled and half-smoked, sausages dairy, sprats, chocolate, cakes, halvah.

4. All presented products contain the maximum of substance necessary to you. General exercises for rapid growth of muscles are very simple. The result will be visible for the second day of trainings as in combination with intensive food and loadings the muscle bulk quickly increases.

5. Perform the following exercises every day. Plan 3-4 approaches till 12-14 times. Lifting of dumbbells. Take two dumbbells on 4-5 kg. Further sit down on the horizontal bench, you hold the back exactly. And plentifully exhaling and involving oxygen, lift dumbbells to breast level. Smoothly lower in the home position. This look will help to shake the biceps, the triceps, shoulders and the top part of the breast.

6. Pulling up. Jump on the horizontal bar. Strong you keep both hands, the grip is slightly more than average, that is okolo100 centimeters in length. Further be tightened so what the chin slightly would touch the horizontal bar or was higher. Record the situation, after that slowly fall down. It will allow to shake the back, the biceps, the neck and shoulders.

7. Post press. The weight of the signature stamp has to be in "region" of 20-3 kg for a start, after 2-3 days increase it by 10-15 kg. Lay down on the bench, undertake the signature stamp, lower it so what it slightly would touch the breast, record and with the exhalation lift up. It will help to pump up quickly the breast, shoulders, the neck, and also the triceps. Thanks to this plan, muscles in the week are guaranteed to you. Good luck!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team