How to pump up muscles of hands in the week

How to pump up muscles of hands in the week

Flabby muscles of hands look ugly and spoil appearance. For short term it is possible to pump up them only the regular strengthened trainings. For this purpose you have to have the huge desire to change externally, hour of free time daily and dumbbells weighing not less than 1 kg.


1. Get up directly, bend hands in elbows, press palms with dumbbells to shoulders. With the exhalation incline the case a little down, holding the back directly, bend legs in knees. On the breath straighten hands and take away them back, continue to press elbows to sides. With the exhalation bend hands in elbows again. Make 3 approaches on 20 times.

2. Legs shoulder width apart, the case directly, hands are lowered down. On the breath extend hands before the breast, and within 2 – 5 minutes hold them in this situation. Then part hands in the parties, palms down, you hold the pose of 1 - 2 minute. Later twist hands in the opposite direction, that is palms up and record situation for 1 – 2 minutes. Raise straight arms over the head, and you hold them 3 minutes. Later lower hands along the body, put dumbbells. Cross hands on the breast, put palms on shoulders, and pull muscles of hands.

3. Lower hands with dumbbells along the body. On the breath through the parties lift them up, with the exhalation lower again down. Make 3 approaches on 20 swings.

4. Extend hands in the parties. Do the springing movements up – down, the scope corner approximately in 90 degrees. Perform exercise within the minute. Then lower hands down, have a rest. Make 2 more approaches.

5. Extend hands before yourself, send to the palm down. Then begin spin of hands along the axis, that is you against the stop twist hands when you have palms down, then in other party do spin. Part hands in the parties and repeat spin in hands. Do each exercise 1 – 3 minutes.

6. Perfectly push-up strengthens muscles of hands. You can choose the option suitable specifically for you: costing the emphasis in the wall (for absolutely weak muscles); on a lap in horizontal position; on socks of legs; legs on the bench, hands on the floor; the press on one hand; on fingers. Having chosen the necessary option of push-up, try to do more than 20 approaches for time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team