How to pump up muscles on the horizontal bar

How to pump up muscles on the horizontal bar

Pulling up on the horizontal bar is one of the most widespread physical exercises. Still, the horizontal bar is the simplest and most available exercise machine. At home there is enough one horizontal bar, strengthened in the doorway – and the horizontal bar is ready. Pullings up on the horizontal bar considerably strengthen muscles of hands and not only. To receive beautiful and relief muscles it is necessary to train long. Especially as in especially started cases there can pass not one month before the person learns to do at least 5-7 pullings up. Here it is necessary to stake on the long-term outlook.


1. Here what should pay special attention, being engaged on the horizontal bar: You need the reliable grip. Brushes have to clasp the horizontal bar densely. The thumb, regardless of the grip, has to be below; Correct breath: at rise exhale air, when lowering – inhale. Smoothness of pullings up. Avoid breakthroughs, pull yourself up smoothly. Descent control.

2. Pullings up not only strengthen muscles of hands, they also promote correction of the bearing, along with swimming. These types of physical activity capable to bring benefit to the backbone are also the most available.

3. There is one more exercise which is connected with the horizontal bar and can serve as the alternative to pullings up. It hung on the horizontal bar with simultaneous spin around the axis counterclockwise and on it, very good and simple exercise helping to remove stress in the backbone. Our backbone is straightened every night while we sleep and also in trailing situation. Though, of course, it is impossible to hang on the horizontal bar for hours, but it is possible to do it regularly. As the result – at you will be the direct back and the beautiful bearing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team