How to pump up quickly hands and the breast

How to pump up quickly hands and the breast

To pump up muscles of hands and the breast, the considerable amount of time and efforts is required. Trainings have to be regular. By the way, there is no need to address to the gym, it is possible to be engaged and at home.


1. Exercise number one intends for the training of muscles of hands. At first sit down, try to keep the building directly and exactly, don't bend the back. Then take in each hand on the dumbbell (at the same time bend hands in elbows to the limit). Now dumbbells can be lowered, and hands - completely to straighten. Repeat this exercise at each training till 8-10 times. Pay attention that for achievement of desirable result it is necessary to fulfill the main requirements: to control all movements, to carefully fix elbows, not to shake the case.

2. For inflating of muscles of hands there is also technique of the press because of the head one hand. To execute it, straighten the back, you hold all case exactly, and the humeral part of the hand arrange so that it was on one line with the torso. Further lower the dumbbell for the head, bend both hands (at an angle in 90 degrees). After that it is possible to straighten the hand and to return to the home position. Do every time not less than eight or ten repetitions. The truth if you didn't come to the form yet and only began to be engaged, don't exceed the number of repetitions by 4-6 times. Increase all loadings only gradually.

3. To pump up pectoral muscles, carry out the bench press. This exercise is rather effective, but it is better to do it in gym (in house conditions its performance too possibly, however it is much more difficult). At first receive the prone position, pick up dumbbells. By the way, both hands need to be placed at the level of the breast. Lift dumbbells up, straining at the same time pectoral muscles. It is necessary to lower hands slowly, without hurrying. When hands fall into the home position, repeat exercise again (without taking even the small break). The recommended number of repetitions is about 7-10 times. For beginners also 5-7 will be optimum.

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