How to pump up shoulders

How to pump up shoulders

From time immemorial beautiful and big shoulders are sign of courage and force that can't but fix delighted looks of women. Therefore shoulders are the most popular muscular group which the most part of the men visiting gym seeks to pump up.

It is required to you

  • - post;
  • - dumbbells.


1. Quite effective exercise on muscles of the shoulder girdle – the post press because of the head. At the same time average bunches of deltoid muscles, tricepses, front gear muscles and the top part of trapezoid muscles are involved. The press can be carried out both standing, and sitting on the bench. Put the post with the certain weight on shoulders behind the head and you hold the upper grip. Make the deep breath and squeeze out the post up, you hold the back exactly, don't cave in in the waist. Upon termination of the movement exhale. Make as much as possible presses.

2. Exercise the post press from the breast loads average and front parts of deltoid muscles, the upper part of trapezoid muscles, the clavicular part of pectoral muscles, front gear muscles. Take the post before yourself the upper grip, put it on the top part of the breast and slightly get elbows forward to increase load of the front part of deltoid muscles. Make the breath and squeeze out the post strictly up, in the top point exhale.

3. Get up exactly, the back direct, legs shoulder width apart. Take the post with the necessary weight the top grip and you hold shoulder width apart. Raise the post slightly higher than the level of shoulders (or to their level), then lower it to waist level. Try not to help during exercises to yourself rocking of the case. All movements are carried out at the expense of deltoid muscles.

4. For the training of the side and front deltoid muscle do presses with dumbbells. Take dumbbells and you hold them on the bent hands the top grip (approximately at height of shoulders). Lift dumbbells up to that time until they meet in the top point. Then lower them, having parted hands in the parties. Do on ten-fifteen such exercises in two approaches.

5. Draft of the post the narrow grip to the chin. Thanks to this exercise, front deltoid and trapezoid muscles develop. And, than wide grip, passes more loading with that to deltas from the trapeze. Take the post the top grip and get up directly, the distance between hands has to make about twenty five centimeters. You hold the post before yourself lowered on outstretched arms. Pull the signature stamp vertically up, holding it near the trunk and removing elbows forward until the post doesn't approach the chin. Having reached the top point, slowly lower the apparatus in the home position.

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