How to pump up sinews

How to pump up sinews

Sinews represent formations from connecting fabric, on hardness inferior only to bones. In them there is no blood therefore it is more correct to speak about strengthening of sinews as they can't be pumped up as muscles. Exercises for sinews assume static load and are carried out by means of supplementary equipments.

It is required to you

  • - two loops for legs;
  • - two handles with loops for hands;
  • - two chains;
  • - bag;
  • - iron rod;
  • - post.


1. Performing all exercises given below, you breathe exactly and quietly, don't strain, doing effort. If you felt that breath went deep, heart became stronger to fight, stop or reduce effort. You don't hurry, at first do short approaches, straining at most for five seconds. Choose several pleasant occupations and carry out them in 1-3 receptions, increasing effort. You hold trainings on sinews no more than two times a week on the hour.

2. Attach handles and loops to chains which have to have length equal to distance from the floor to the hand extended up. Handles have to be triangular shape and have triggers if necessary to cling them in the necessary piece of the chain, shortening or extending it. It is possible to apply belt leather loops to the emphasis of legs. Take the chain both hands, bend the right hand, you hold the second end left. Strain one hand then another. Lift them up, holding shoulder width apart. Pull the chain, using also pectoral and back muscles. Get the chain for the back and repeat exercise. Start trainings with two chains, having attached them by means of loops to stupnyam legs. Stretch them, straining muscles of hands. Change position of arm and legs. These ukhozhilny exercises were invented by Alexander Zass who with their help achieved phenomenal force with the small weight.

3. Exercises with the metal rod don't differ in such variety – just strain hands, bending" the rod. It isn't necessary to break it, the same as it isn't necessary to tear chains in the previous complex, do effort quietly, without being nervous. Fill the bag with sawdust and lift it, in process of strengthening of sinews change sawdust for sand, then for iron fraction.

4. Put the post on shoulders and stand on tiptoe, keeping balance. Raise one leg. Thus it is possible to strengthen sinews of the arch of foot and the shin. Do this exercise three minutes on each leg. Get up opposite to the wall, rest against it hands, be removed on the greatest possible distance that it was possible to touch by the heel the floor. "Press" the heel into the floor, at first for 30 seconds, then increase time up to one and a half minutes. So the Achilles tendon becomes stronger, the mobility in the ankle joint increases. Get up in the door jamb, try "to lift" hands the top jamb or "to move apart" side.

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