How to pump up the back in house conditions

How to pump up the back in house conditions

The beautiful and strong back is not only beauty, but also the integral aspect of your health. To put the back in order and to tighten her muscles not so difficult — you can make it houses, having allocated daily no more than an hour for exercises.


Good and effective way of the podkachivaniye of muscles of the back are exercises with the post and dumbbells. Begin with not really big weight not to injure the muscle and the sheaf. Also the correct bending of the case will help to avoid the trauma during performance of exercises — about 75 degrees. Such bending correctly distributes loading and allows to avoid stretchings.

Don't give yourself from the very beginning of serious loadings. Begin to be engaged gradually, increasing loading and weight of dumbbells each time. If at your place there is the horizontal bar — be tightened on it so that the breast reached the horizontal bar. It is the excellent training not only back muscles, but also muscles of hands and plechy. To develop wide muscles of the back and humeral bicepses, lift the dumbbell one hand, having leaned the opposite hand against the leg bent in the knee. You take away the hand elbow from dumbbells back. Then repeat the same with the right hand.

One more type of the training — walking with draft of dumbbells. Take in each hand on the dumbbell and get up exactly, having straightened the back. Lift and lower dumbbells in the standing position, or in the course of walking on the apartment. Also swings with dumbbells or weighting compounds will help to pump up the back to you. Raise hands up and with the force wave them forward so that they appeared at the level of knees. During performance of exercise of the leg put on width of shoulders.

If you want to be engaged on professional exercise machines — visit gym where also experts will render you the qualified consultation of the instructor, having recommended the necessary level of loadings and having tracked whether correctly you are engaged.

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