How to pump up the back part of hips

How to pump up the back part of hips

The tightened muscles of the back surface of hips create the elegant and relief silhouette. The flat line of the hip, roundish buttocks without symptoms of cellulitis – for the sake of it it is worth trying. The best recipe for development of muscles of hips – power exercises and lunges with burdening. Be engaged regularly, and you will see impressive results soon.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells;
  • - post;
  • - step platform;
  • - weighting compounds for legs.


1. Before power exercises properly warm muscles of hips. Jump through the jump rope, twist exercise bike pedals, do several exercises on the step platform.

2. Take dumbbells in both hands and you hold them lowered. Make the deep breath, raise hands up, at the same time taking away one leg back. Repeat reception with the second leg. Execute till 4-12 exercises in two-three approaches. For bigger efficiency put on special weighting compounds ankles or put on heavy footwear.

3. Get up on the step platform, nearby put the post. Slowly lift it, straightening the body and holding the signature stamp in the lowered hand. Also slowly lower the post. Repeat exercise of 4-10 times, having made two approaches.

4. One of the most effective exercises – deep lunges with the post. Arrange the signature stamp on shoulders. Take the small step forward, having arranged foot one for another is the home position. Inhale and take the step back one leg, lowering the body down. The knee of the front leg has to be bent at an angle 90 degrees. You watch feelings – if you feel tension in back muscles of the hip, exercise is performed correctly. If front muscles strain, most likely, you squat under the wrong corner. Become straight and change step width.

5. Performing power exercises, you don't hurry, strain muscles with which you work and you monitor breath. If you need to develop hips and to give them volume, increase weight and carry out on 4-6 exercises in two-three approaches. That who wants to tighten muscles and to remove excess weight, it is worth reducing the weight of the post or the dumbbell and to increase the number of repetitions till 10-12 in one approach.

6. Finish the training with the extension of the worked muscles. Get up directly, slowly bend, having touched the floor by fingers or palms. Lay down on the floor, raise straight legs, without extending socks. Both hands attract to yourself knees, stretching muscles of the back part of the hip and popliteal sinews. Get up, lunge the most deep forward, having touched by the knee of the extended floor leg. Rock on the pivot foot several times. Place legs more widely than shoulders, rise on toes and slowly sit down in the deep plie.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team