How to pump up the biceps: program

How to pump up the biceps: program

The biceps is one of the most noticeable muscles of the hand and the most popular venue of trainings. But it is correct to pump up the biceps, without being sprayed on other groups of muscles, quite difficult.

Main exercises

The post press on the biceps is the best training for this muscle. Correctly it becomes as follows: the post undertakes at the level of shoulders palms up. At the same time you watch that elbows were directed to the floor, down, and the signature stamp has to be located so that it was directly before hips. Strain stomach muscles, then lift the signature stamp up the roundish curve so that forearms touched the top part of hands. If you want to increase load of external parts of bicepses, shift hands a little if on internal – part slightly more widely than shoulders. Knees can be bent a little, so exercise will become much heavier for performance, and to help the back won't come out any more. Remember that the back has to be the straight line throughout performance of all exercise.

Gradually increase the number of approaches, but reduce number of repetitions, increasing rest time between approaches. Weight, by itself, has to grow also. You don't chase extreme scales. there will quite be enough 5-kilogram pancakes from each party at the initial stage, and you will develop the technique which will allow to perform exercises slowly and quietly, studying muscle fiber. You don't hurry, do all movements smoothly.

Remember that exercises with the signature stamp and dumbbells – the best way to work this group of muscles. Bring variability, instead of the signature stamp with the direct grip use bent, displacing hands is closer to the center. So you will feel tension in bicepses soon. The basic rule is not to help the back and not to do breakthroughs at rise that levels all advantage of exercise performance.

Additional exercises

Sit down on the edge of the bench (the chair if you are engaged at home). Take the dumbbell in the right hand and press the elbow to the internal part of the hip of the right leg. Further bend the hand, having brought closer it to the shoulder. After the small pause unbend the hand, having returned to the home position. Change hands through approach. One more exercise. Get up directly with dumbbells on each side, palms are developed forward-upward. On the exhalation smoothly bend hands, delay them for the second in the top point and smoothly return to the home position. Repeat 12-15 times, do 4-5 approaches. Traditional exercises like pullings up also load the biceps, though to a lesser extent due to involvement of other groups of muscles. But it is not the occasion to refuse pullings up. Bars have similar action. At last, don't forget about warm-up, provide inflow of blood to muscles prior to the training. If you want confidence and you use big weight, then use belts for the safeguarding. If problems with the back – put on the belt.

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