How to pump up the biceps without exercise machines

How to pump up the biceps without exercise machines

The huge role in development of the attractive body is played by muscles of hands and the shoulder girdle. The main muscles of the hand are the biceps – the biceps and the triceps – three-headed. It is possible to develop the biceps without exercise machines, without posts and the dumbbell.


1. Squeeze the left hand in the fist and clasp it with the right hand. Make the flexion movement by the hand in the elbow. At the same time counteract the right hand to this movement. Try to distribute loading evenly. The first exercises shouldn't be done at the maximum load. For the warming up of the muscle of the biceps do this exercise of 20 times for each of hands.

2. Dispose the left hand the palm to the bottom and do exercise similar to previous. Keep originally enclosed load of the hand throughout the bend. Such exercise is called isotonic and the dumbbell contributes to faster development of the biceps in comparison with exercises with use.

3. Fingers of one hand take fingers another so that the lock turned out. Raise hands parallel to the floor before yourself. Tighten the right hand to yourself and counteract this movement by the left hand. Loading of the biceps will be counteracted by the triceps of other hand.

4. Squeeze fingers of the left hand in the fist and put on it the right hand. Move the right hand towards the shoulder and resist it the left hand. Do this exercise not less than 15 times with gradual increase in loading.

5. Link among themselves hands and raise them over the head. Bend the right hand in the elbow joint, pressing on it the left hand. Exercise is performed by zigzags, gradually lowering the first position of hands.

6. Develop the trunk by 90 degrees, and perform exercise similar to previous. It is necessary to perform this exercise not less than 10 times with as much as possible loading.

7. Raise the right hand up and clasp with it fingers of the left hand. Pull the left hand down, interfering with its movement by means of the right hand. This exercise trains the biceps so if you did chin-ups. Trade hands places and repeat exercise of 25 times.

8. Lower hands down. Apply right to the wrist of the left hand. Bend the hand in the elbow. When bending the hand counteract it other hand.

9. The left hand arrange before yourself parallel to the floor. Grab with the right hand by the wrist. Move the left hand to the head, interfering with it the right hand. Do this exercise with the maximum load.

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