How to pump up the bottom in the month

How to pump up the bottom in the month

The tightened buttocks - the attractive part of the women's body. If you can't brag of the seductive shape of the bottom, the exercises promoting inflating of gluteuses will help. Carry out them daily, and in the month the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Exercises on big gluteuses

Get up, hands adhere for the wall, transfer weight to the right foot, bend the left leg in the knee and attract it to the stomach. At the exhalation as much as possible get the raised leg back, feel how gluteuses are reduced. On the breath translate the leg forward. Execute 18 swings. Get up on the left leg, do exercise on the right buttock.

Again get up on the right leg, left take away a little back, you hold the knee straightened. Within the minute carry out rockings by the left leg. Then repeat exercise of right. If reduces the pivot foot at long standing on it, do rockings shorter time, but in several approaches. For example, you can carry out exercise 20 seconds, have a rest a little, then continue.

Get up, legs arrange together, slightly bend hands in elbows, press them to sides. Carry out 20 seconds low jumps. Then make 2 bouncings on the right foot, further on left. So repeat within two minutes. Then pass to jumps on two feet. Finish exercise by walking. Part legs, put palms on hips. Begin to squat slowly until hips become parallel to the floor, stand in such situation, you breathe quietly. In 5 seconds, without hurrying, become straight. Execute 4 more such squats. Surely you watch position of knees during squat if you do in them the acute angle, then you can injure joints. Connect legs, lower palms on the waist. Having made the exhalation, execute lunge by the left leg forward. At the breath return back. On the following exhalation step the right leg forward. Execute 15 lunges on each leg.

Exercises on average gluteuses

Get up on all fours, straighten the right leg, raise it over the floor and transfer a little aside. Shake the leg up - down 30 times. Then repeat load of the left leg. Lay down on the stomach, put the chin on the floor, lower hands along the body. At the exhalation strain buttocks, part hips, tear off legs from the floor a little. With the breath relax and lower legs. Make 10 rises. Bend knees, with the exhalation raise hips over the floor, on the breath return them on the surface. Do exercise 10 times. Former situation, socks send to the floor. Raise the right leg at the exhalation, you hold it suspended 15 seconds, don't hold the breath. Execute the breath and lower the leg. At the exhalation make rise the right leg again. Repeat exercise 3 times. Then make rises the left leg.

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